Once Our Land Creator Peter Ricq Announces New Graphic Novel A KING’S VENGEANCE

For all you Once Our Land fans, Peter Ricq has started a new kickstarter to get his new Graphic Novel A King’s Vengeance going.

From the Kickstarter page:

A revenge story inspired by Conan The Barbarian, Robocop, GOT and, Hellboy.
A Steampunk, medieval, fantasy, adventure, and violent revenge story.

A 94 page, limited edition hardcover graphic novel of A King’s Revenge – Book 1 illustrated by Peter Ricq (Once Our Land 1 & 2), written by Davila LeBlanc & Peter Ricq with story editors Fronc Ng & Philippe Ivanusic Vallee.

You can learn more about this at the kickstarter page or at https://akingsvengeance.peterricq.com

10 thoughts on “Once Our Land Creator Peter Ricq Announces New Graphic Novel A KING’S VENGEANCE”

  1. Still sending me emails even though he didn’t fulfill my last Kickstarter purchase Once Our Land hardcover with sketch, ridiculous.

            1. Must be nice my order was the first one placed that day but I didn’t get it people that bought after me did. In the long run saved money on stuff that’s worthless today so thanks Peter.

              1. I recall there was an issue where emails were sent out and if people didn’t respond to confirm, orders could be missed. Maybe this was the case. It’s been too long though, time to move on as I haven’t heard anyone else having issues since..

              2. But you can still likely tell kickstarter to unsubscribe you from future emails.. you can’t blame him for that, you have the power to remove yourself. You can’t expect someone to personally remove people from being emailed from past backed projects they might use to promote new projects.

    1. Settings > Notifications > Account Notifications > Projects You’ve Backed — Uncheck or disable notifications to prevent new emails, etc. This isn’t a creator issue, this is an auto sign you up for notifications in kickstarter issue.

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