Spoilers: Avengers #27 – A Brood-ing Avenger & An Appearance From A Familiar Face

Avengers #27 is out this Wednesday November 27th, 2019 and it’s got a first and another character who needs no introduction…

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unseen. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Avengers #27 – A Brood-ing Avenger & An Appearance From A Familiar Face”

  1. First Brood Thor is the Avengers FCBD 2019. Does AV 27 story happen before that book chronologically?

    I’m still trying to figure out when exactly he was infected…

    1. Is every character alteration a spec? This is a dumb trend that continues to plague collecting. Brood Thor. Who Cares? It’s not a big deal at all. As if he’s the first character to get infected by the Brood. This is a temporary thing. Some moron will put this book online for 10 dollars with a 1st Brood Thor caption. It’s dumb. Great art. Love Aaron. It’s not his story I take issue with. It’s this incessant need to spec on every little thing. It makes the hobby a pain in the ass. There is really nothing to see here other than the great art. You spec on costumes and armor and it amounts to nothing. It’s annoying. A lot of ‘keys’ are overpriced. It’s nonsense.

      Spec is eroding the hobby. Inflating and over exaggerating the value of a book to make a dollar. Smh.

      1. Why are you on a comic spec site then? Hehe..

        But yes, I agree with some of your points given. Is Thor Brood spec? That’s for the secondary market to decide. All we did in this post was just spoil the comic, no where did we say.. Go Buy Buy Buy… This is the next big character!

        Buy if you like, don’t buy if you don’t like I say. If you buy to read, all the more power to you. But honestly, there is a lot of hype in what I even consider the “no big deal” crap like costume changes, mashups, etc. Most of these end up dying off.. but some people really do eat up the small things in the story lines as important.

        I say let them be.. if people want to blow their money on Cap’s first toe ring appearance.. then let them!

        1. What book is his first toe ring…!!!! I
          Must have it!!!


          I just asked a question as the story line chronology was confusing to me. It seems like he’s fully infected and everyone is aware in the FCBD issue, but in AV 27 6 months later he’s in the process of transitioning.

          But I agree. Don’t worry about what other people do. Let them dump wads of cash into the industry. Not necessarily a bad thing if it keeps comics relevant. Good with the bad

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