Black Widow Trailer Drops Over Night

About 8 hours ago (2AM Eastern) Marvel’s Black Widow trailer hit online. Check it out below and let us know what you think

6 thoughts on “Black Widow Trailer Drops Over Night”

  1. Doesn’t look too bad. Def running with the Ultimate Taskmaster look. Nothing stands out as “new spec” or anything that hasn’t been discussed prior. They won’t show their entire hand so I’m still holding out for Ursa Major or Omega Red (both are just very cool characters). I think I’ll hold on my keys for now. I don’t have much invested in any of them anyway.

  2. Your typical teaser trailer…nothing to crazy and not many spoilers…as expected. I do not think this will be a CGI heavy movie. Not sure on the Taskmaster design, but I will wait for more footage.

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