January Previews 2020 – DC & Black Label Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight of new books coming out of January Previews for DC and Black Label books  that has us excited, either on the spec level, read level or just gorgeous cover art level.

Not a whole lot coming out of DC in terms of excitement. But here’s a few we’re looking forward to.

Batman Beyond #42

The solicitations still don’t give any clues but we know by this issue her identity has been revealed for the new Batwoman.

There’s a pretty awesome Nguyen regular cover and Manapul continues his awesome B variant run for this title.

Detective Comics #38 Facsimile Edition

Great facsimile for any Batman and Robin fan introducing the boy wonder for the first time ever!

Batman #428 Dollar Comics is another Robin themed book. So we get the first introduction in the previous spotlight and now his death in this spotlight.

You can actually still find the original book on the secondary at reasonable price. Buy the original or buy it for a buck, still a great book despite Robin not being dead for too long.

This next spotlight book is where I think Tom King prevails when it comes to his writing ability, since I don’t think the ongoing series is his style as most were not happy with his run on Batman.

Strange Adventures #1 is a 12 issue series which sees him team up once again with Mitch Gerards.

Joe Hill has been coming out with a bunch of new books, out from Black Label and Hillhouse Comics.

As I could keep raving about them, I’ll just mention some of the latest in his titles. So this next spotlight is of Plunge #2. It must be because it takes place on a boat. Sort of like sharks, I’m a sucker for boats in a comic story.

4 thoughts on “January Previews 2020 – DC & Black Label Spotlight Books”

  1. “Not dead for very long…”

    16 years is actually like an eternity for a comic character. Whose been dead longer other than Bruce Wayne’s parents, Bucky Barnes and mar-Vel?

    Even Pip the Troll was only dead for 13 years.

    Adam Warlock 15 years.

    Elektra 12 years.

      1. my point is “long” is relative to other things similar in nature. And when you compare it to deaths in comics, I think 16 years is probably in the top 1% for longevity.

        Gwen Stacy stayed dead a long time…at least 30 years….maybe she’s still dead technically as I believe all of her revival stories are clones or characters from alternate universes.

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