Spoilers: Captain Marvel #22 – An Uncertain Future

She then goes on to their headquarters out of the harm of the cold where she meets up with Jessica Drew who welcomes her and reminds her that it was she who saved Earth. She was off-world but showed up in time to save most everyone by flying into the sun and sacrificing herself. Gotta go read Captain Marvel The End people..

Emma Frost enters again to tell Carol she has an idea of who was behind the earlier attack after she arrived.

It’s either Magick as Ove or she’s being held by Ove..  and Emma claims the latter is worst case scenario..  as they make way.. they’re told they have a visitor…

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  1. Any chance I could get some help resetting username/password on the forum ive been trying to reset for over a month to frustration. Thanks

  2. So first appearance of Fantomex 5 and Sora. Going to be a good day. I managed to preorder a few of issue 23 before cutoff too.

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