Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 133

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. First of all, happy 2021. Have an amazing profitable and healthy new year. I hope all your hearts desires come true. Just finished Death Metal #7, loved it. Watching the final chapter of Chilling Tales of Sabrina and I am a tad disappointed in it but will hold off judgment until I have finished every episode. Lets hope the world opens up again soon. Now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Sensational Spider-man #41 just letting you know, if you haven’t read Amazing Spiderman #55 stop reading Hidden Gems, as I will spoil the crap out of it. In Amazing Spiderman #55 crap happens, awesome and amazing crap.  Harry is #awesomesauce. Nick Spencer is just a brilliant Spider-Man writer, best since JMS. So, one last time if you have not read Amazing Spiderman #55, and whats up with the Lego Variant being so cheap? $4, really Spider-man and Lego? It is time to spoil crap so beware. Harry rips off Scott Snyder and Death of the Family. All the Web Warriors tied up to a dinner table with Spider-man at the head . During Harry’s speech, he references One More Day, Amazing Spider-Man #544 and 545. Remember this, One More Day was four parts. I believe this is part three of the story. I believe Nick Spencer is undoing One More Day and has even hinted to this fact many times in his 55 issue run. I believe all four parts of the story are in dollar boxes as this is one of the two most hated Spider-Man stories of all time. I will cover that in a bit, there is also a Marvel Spotlight Spider-man One More Day and Brand New Day #1 which is a tough find $10 but the other part of one more day is….

2. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 – this is part two of the One More Day story. I do believe when the story is undone sets of one more day will be worth money this is $1-10

3. Spiderman/Deadpool #5 and Amazing Spider-Man #29 both are $5 but in Spider-Man Deadpool #5, Spider-Man is in hell. Mephisto tells him that Spider-Man will always be alone, referencing one more day. In ASM #29 Loki offers to bring Spider-man’s loved ones back from the dead and Spider-Man says he made a deal like this once but couldn’t remember it and when he says this Mephisto is standing behind him. So go snag these comics and catch up and make the money

4 Spectacular Spiderman #23, 24, 25 and 26 – Sins remembered. What had me gain respect for Nick Spencer, especially in Amazing Spiderman #55, is that he referenced the other most hated Spiderman story of all time Sins Past. I love Sins Past. I always knew Gwen Stacey was not so innocent, she was a freak #testify. Had twins with Norman. But Sins Remembered was just awful and not a good idea. Stacey did have one more story after Sins Remembered which is Spiderman American Son #1-3. There is a directors cut for Amazing Spiderman #509. Sins Remembered is in an out of print trade. I will be highlighting other Spiderman and Green Goblin keys during the end of this story.

6. Star Wars Dark Empire #1 Wizard Ace Edition – Star Wars is supernova hot. A buddy of mine just sold an empty box from the ice cream sandwiches for $18. Everything with the name Star Wars is selling like hotcakes. While searching for something and found this and it is affordable Star Wars book. Star Wars plus Dark Horse equals money. Comic book math 101 $30-50 but for how long?

7. Suzie Comics #66 – first appearance of Katy Keene’s boyfriend KO Kelly. I am excited for Riverdale Season Five. I am excited for the crossover between the canceled show Katy Keene and Riverdale as Archie and KO Kelly square off in the ring boxing. This is a tough atomic age book and up to a few years ago, investing in Archie comics was not heard of until now. So just buy the grade you can afford $75 and up

8. Heroes Reborn 1/2 – The good old Wizard Magazine days. Everyone is going crazy for the Heroes Reborn Captain America #1, but if my memory serves me right, the female Bucky, aka Rikki Barnes, appears in this issue first.

9. Captain America #5 – Issue 1/2 may be the first cover but this is her first cover where she takes the spotlight, there were two covers for this issue, but a 20 plus year old white cover is going to be hard to find in 9.8 that is clean.

well that is all for now. have a blessed and safe week. thanks for all the love and surport thanks fo reading each and every week so until next time
blind adam outelse

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  1. Adam, Your tip must’ve sparked interest in the Wizard Ace edition of Dark Empire as I finally sold it after about a year of having it on eBay. I bought for $10 and sold for $20….currently the high sale…but others are showing up at higher than that now.

    Thanks man!

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