The Other Dead #1 Sells out, plus print run

As of yesterday, The Other Dead #1 has officially sold out. This is IDW’s zombie animal book, that was a really good read. We had spotlighted this book previously as there were a couple of things of interest with it. First, there was the Obama Variant cover, holding guns (one of which I am sure would be considered an assault weapon.) Two, it was supposed to come out on September 11th, but customs held it to “spray for moths.” Three, Kevin Eastman of ‘Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles’ fame did a subscription variant cover featuring, of all things, turtles.

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Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List for October 3, 2013

Home Sick today. It happens from time to time. It gives me a chance to be ahead of the curve on some of my posts.

The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list is a speculator’s hand book. It gives what comics have been reordered in advanced of final order cut off. These books are ones that had a first issue that did well, have hype behind them, are getting blog and message board coverage, or are getting chatted about in the shops. For whatever reason, these are the books to keep an eye out for.
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Larry’s Comics pick of the week

Larry from Larry’s comics used to put out the most anticipated comic speculation email each week. He took some time off over the summer. He still pops by to give his speculation pick of the week. This weeks was a really cool one so I wanted to make sure it got highlighted.
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All Image Comics 2013 Series Print Runs

Thanks to Terry Hoknes at for putting this together.

Here are all the Image new ongoing series #1 issues this year
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Sex Criminals #1 From Matt Fraction sells out

And for the third of three stories on recent Image sell outs, this has the biggest print run. We also just reported Rat Queens and Zero, both from Image have sold out. The print run follows the bump.
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Walking Dead #115 NYCC variant for $2.99 (available for pre-order again)

A few weeks ago we spotlighted this deal, as this is a money maker, as copies have been selling for $30. You can get The Walking Dead #115 NYCC Variant for $2.99. It’s limited 1 per person. Continue reading “Walking Dead #115 NYCC variant for $2.99 (available for pre-order again)”

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