Half Past Danger #1 and 2 Sells out at distributor level



Looks like IDW had a couple of recent releases that did pretty well. IDW was proud to announce that their book ‘Half Past Danger’ #1 and 2 are  sold out at the distributor level and would be going back for a second printing.  The second book came out last week. This had previously been one of our picks of the week. The print run on number 1 was fairly small for a new book at only 8,500 copies.

I do have the subscription variant available

if anyone is interested. Discount rates for multiple copies purchased. Email me at apopcomics@gmail.com if interested or hit us up on facebook at www.facebook.com/comicsheatingup

Larry’s Comics Market report 6/19/13


I spoke to Larry this morning via e-mail and he said there was no new market report this week. 


His picks for the week are below:

AGE OF ULTRON #10 (OF 10) 






The big news on Variants is of course Superman Unchained #1 1 in 300 variant and 3-d variant.

Comic Picks of the week 6/19/13

Each Tuesday we pick which books we are speculating on to be the “big” books of the week. This week we have some really interesting picks. Check them out below and let us know what you think:

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Six Gun Gorilla sells out in 24 hours


Boom Studios has announced that Six Gun Gorilla, which was released this past Wednesday, has sold out. It sold out within 24 hours. It sold out at the distributor level which means it can still be found in stores. It is going back for a second printing.

FIRST LOOK: Neil Gaiman’s avenging Angela will make Marvel history

Marvel Comics version of Angela. Original breaking story that Angela would be joining Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy sent Spawn #9 soaring, now that people are getting their first look and further news of the plans for her, this book could take off again. Regardless, interst hasn’t been this high in a Spawn issue in years.

New site

If you have followed me over from our old blog site, thank you. We will now be hosting on wordpress just because it is easier for us to deal with. We will still provide you with the same great news and speculation on comics that are rising on the eBay market. We still will give you this information before others find out so you can still find them in your local comic shops.


Thanks again, and if you are new, welcome and enjoy the speculation.


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