I am working on a message board. Until then, feel free to use the space below to talk about anything you want.

Cheers! and happy speculating


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  1. Steve says:

    I don’t know if it’s worth buying a copy of once our land for $24. What do you guys think?

    • Anthony says:

      I would buy the hard cover before buying the single. A lot of the spec we talk about is if you are buying at cover price. Otherwise, most of the time, just move on to the next one.

  2. Chris Engelbrecht says:

    Anyone have any Free Suggestions to comicbook collection organization electronically? I am a free member of but it only allows 30 books.

    • Anthony says:

      Chris. Yes. I use to organize my books. It is free and unlimited. Since it is web based you can access it from any smart phone.

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      • Chris Engelbrecht says:

        Thanks! Ill look into it.

      • Chris Engelbrecht says:

        Im registered, its going to take some time to get the hang out it but I think Ill be happy in the end. I wish there was a way to import either an excel sheet or the CBA archive I have from Comic Collectors program. Ohwell I have some free time to do it.

      • Anthony says:

        Since it is mobile friendly I often do it once I. Get back to my office on Wednesdays

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      • Chris Engelbrecht says:

        Yeah I will just have to get them all in from my collection then it will be easy going forward. Its the initial 800+ books to enter lol.

      • Anthony says:

        I have well over 6,000 issues in there. The problem is my tens of thousands of comics are in two different locations and I never seem to have the time to go through and enter them.

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      • Chris Engelbrecht says:

        Yeah thats crazy. I have really only been collecting for a few years (more to build a collection for 3 kids) and to live vicariously thru them lol. But I started by just buying boxes or random ones off Craigslist and local areas. Now I am more into filling runs and collecting current comics that I think my kids will like. But I would really like to get them online so I have an easier time knowing what I have and done have.

      • Anthony says:

        Realm will treat you well then. One of the places this website actually got its start. I was an active member of their message boards about four years back.

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      • Chris Engelbrecht says:

        Yeah thats crazy. I have really only been collecting for a few years (more to build a collection for 3 kids) and to live vicariously thru them lol. But I started by just buying boxes or random ones off Craigslist and local areas. Now I am more into filling runs and collecting current comics that I think my kids will like. But I would really like to get them online so I have an easier time knowing what I have and dont have.

  3. John F. says:

    So, I know this is reaching a bit far back, but, I have a Batman #47, Harley’s Little black Book Polybag that I haven’t opened, and I know I have quite a few more Polys that I haven’t opened. Would it be better, for down-the-road value to keep them in the Polys. The main reason I would like to know also is I’ve heard the Polys can wear down the condition of the book over time. Any thoughts? Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anthony says:

      I cracked all mine and actually had success selling the individual covers for people looking to complete the sets. Poly bags do destroy comics supposedly but have seen books 30 years old in poly bags that still look great. Matter of personal opinion. However I take the grading companies stance, they remove them from the bag before heading and consider that a whole book. However, raw books sell better if they are still in the bags for the most part.

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  4. Michael Varilla says:

    I recently bought one of the 4 dollar comic bags that had E for Extinction #1 on top. It’s the only series I think I haven’t read from Secret Wars. So I ripped it open today and behind it is Ultimate Fallout 4 with the 1:25 variant cover. Had no idea what this issue was until I read it and saw that it probably was the first Miles Morales. Can’t believe I hit this purely on wanting the Extinction book, makes me want to go back through the rest of that pile.

  5. Chris Engelbrecht says:

    So I just uncovered a marvel super heroes winter special. First squirrel girl. Question is do I put it up on eBay now or do you think it will raise more?

  6. Chris says:

    What would be the best way to get a basic grade. Cover/back look good but pages have yellowed some. I don’t want to put it on eBay for a better grade than it is. I’ve never sold an old book. Usually just flip new ones.

  7. Chris Engelbrecht says:

    Well here is a quick attempt at some pictures. I may need to get some better ones tonight. Let me know if there are better or preferred ways to take pictures. I know there is a forum somewhere that explains it.

    • Anthony says:

      You can take the links directly with no coding and put them into a message on this forum. No html code needed. The book looks very clean. The back cover lower left corner looks a little blunted and the looks to be some thumbing at the top edge on the front cover.

  8. Steve says:

    Any Rick and Morty fans in here? I can pick up 1-14 1st prints “nm” for $50. There are 1 or 2 variants. I haven’t seen them in person, and it looks like I could flip these fast for almost double the cost….but I’m just not familiar with these

  9. Chris Engelbrecht says:

    I picked up 2 RAI #0 today at thrift shop for 5$ total. I was wondering should I hold onto them or let them go?

  10. Mark McAlister says:

    Hey guys, been slowly buying and flipping my way up to have some funds to make NICE purchases that I can hold onto forever and sell when my kids go to college…or when I’m ready to retire or something. I’m looking for a safe investment with good potential for growth. I’m looking to spend 100.00 right now of my eBay money in a good boom. Need some advice:

    Looks like I can get the following:
    Unslabbed New Mutants 87
    Slabbed but lower grade MS Marvel #1, like an 8.0 or so
    Nova #1 slabbed but little lower grade
    Amazing Spiderman 1sr Gwen Stacy unslabbed
    And I found a shop with a very low grade New Mutants 98–like 2.5-3.0 unslabbed for 75.00

    Would you suggest a more valuable unslabbed book, a lower grade slabbed book, OR do you have any suggestions for good buys right now?

    What about a Silver Surfer 44, 1st Infinity Gaunlet?

    Help Me! I don’t want to blow it, been selling little dollar bin flips and buying up whatever issues I see on this forum to flip for 10.00 or so at a time…might be able to get up to 125.00 or so, but as long as I spend my Paypal money and not the checking account money, Mama don’t care.

    Anyways, HELP ME!

    • Anthony says:

      I don’t think you can go wrong with first appearances or issue 1’s of older Marvel series. It’s Gwen is a key. Ms. Marvel 1 is going to be huge. She Hulk #1 undervalued.

  11. Mark McAlister says:

    Hey guys, been a member do about a year or so and I check the site about 10 times a day. I’m so grateful for everything I learn and try to support by buying the variant covers whenever they come out. So, thank you so much for the time and effort that goes into this, it actually has had a positive financial impact on my family, so much so that Christmas was a little larger than last year, and much easier to get everything we needed to get with my built up PayPal account!

    My collection has been growing the past couple years and I’ve been slowly flipping some books and building up a personal collection.

    I’m trying to focus now I’m buying some more expensive books then I have before that would be long term holds with a good return on them in a couple years when my 10-year-old gets ready to go to college, Or we just need extra cash for a house problem or cat issue, etc.

    Would any of you guys mind sharing your insight on what the best 100.00 buys would be right now? Or maybe I’ll grab two 50.00 buys. Should I get slabbed or raw? When is a lower grade Ok? Does Print run have a huge effect on some of the older keys? I’m thinking about the following:

    LOW grade New Mutants 98 I can get for 60.00 and it’s probable a 2.5-3.0, will it increase over time? Right now it’s raw, should I slab?

    New Mutants 87, raw or slabbed? Minimum grade needed here or should I grab anything I can?

    Ms Marvel #1, slabbed or raw? Any grade ok?

    Nova #1, original series. I can get a CGC 5.0 for 40.00 from my LCS, good idea or no?

    Silver Surfer #44 first Infinity Gauntlet appearance

    Marvel Premeire Warlock or Warlock #1

    If none of those, can anyone suggest a strong spec and give me some advice on how to approach building my PC when it comes to flipping the books in the future?

    It would mean a lot, been trying to figure this out on my own and I’ve learned from my mistakes, I just want to make sure I make a good investment on this one as it’s taken awhile to flip 1.00 box Comics for 5.00 and 10.00 dollars at a time to work up to a chance to get a 100.00 book or a couple 50.00 ones, please help!

    Thanks, Mark McAlister​​

  12. Mark McAlister says:

    How do you guys feel about the upcoming “venomized” variant covers coming out sometime in March? Right now you can preorder all 26 covers from Midtown comics with their normal “preview” discounts. Ordering all 26 comes to about $88.00 but that doesn’t include shipping.

    I checked out eBay this morning and pre-orders for an entire set of all 26 have recently sold for around $150 with many of the individual covers selling for $10 plus shipping.

    I’m not a big venom collector so I don’t know what these variant covers would mean to someone who is, but do you think it’s worth ordering the whole set? Or will only certain issues be worth anything to a venom completionist?

    i’m thinking about ordering today while they still have everything available on the website… Could really use everyone’s expertise on it.

    • Anthony says:

      I think some of them are great. These could go both ways. They could be a quick flip or a long term hold. However, more people will be on these than the last time they did them so you can bet the “rarer” long term are the ones. It everyone flocked too.

  13. Richard Sean says:

    Hi just wondering how do you all figure out which comics will have a chance to “heat up” on a weekly basis? And any advice on how I can learn more about this in advanced to the comics coming out?

    I recently flipped my first few comics this past week, those being GOD Country #1 thanks to your guys advice. So thank you for that. But many of the Variant or bigger priced items sellout before I can make it to my local comic book store. I work at 10am-4pm on Weds so that’s my biggest problem
    =[ so any advice on how to beat the rush etc would be helpful!

    • Anthony says:

      Contact the store the night before or when they first open up and see if they will pull stuff aside for you. Relationship building with stores is important. How do we figure out what books will heat up, looking at trends, buzz, and always doing research.

      • Richard Sean says:

        Thanks for the advice! I talked to my local comic book store guys and they said they can pull stuff aside for me Tuesday nights. Only problem is don’t know what to get really until your guys comic book picks of the week come out and that’s after the stores are closed =[ haha but I’m sure I’ll figure things out once I get the hang of everything. But thank you for all help!

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. I tried doing it earlier in the week. Need to go back to doing the look ahead to next week posts spotlighting the books coming out.

  14. I just recently came across a graded 9,8 copy of Darth Vader #3, 1st appearance of Dr. Aphra Cover A, for $140 Canadian. Think this is a good buy? or do you you think I should try and grab the variant cover?

    Thanks for the help

  15. Clark says:

    Alright, so Ive been speculating since January 2, 2017. Long story short, a buddy of mine got me into comics as a positive distraction and I find I have become quite addicted to how fun comics can be in both reading and speculating. Over this time I have made a few silly purchases (wrong peter panzerfaust issue #1) but overall feel as if Im on my way to collecting a good group of comics both raw and graded. I would like advice and suggestions on where I should go from here, branching out to more expensive purchases or sticking to obtaining still high graded modern comics and newer releases. Some of my current collection includes:

    DKIII #1 JL variant Signed by Jim Lee
    Black Widow #1 1:100 variant one raw one slabbed 9.8 cgc
    X-force #11 9.8 cgc
    x-force #2 9.4 and 9.6 cgc
    NYX #3 9.6 cbsc signed by josh middleton
    NYX #4 9.4 cgc

    Ive purchased various J. Campbell ratio variants and marvel 75th anniversary covers, some signed including several sketch variants, captain america, and Princess Leia. Star wars – Poe Dameron Sketch variants and numerous Dr Aphra key issues with variant covers.

    I have liked slapstick and have his 1:100 variant, most recently I find it odd I could not find more than 1 copy of the slapstick #3 1:25 variant anywhere online, any thoughts on that one?

    Ive made some Indie purchases for pleasure and speculating- God Country, The Dregs, and other tips you have made in recent videos

    I think the videos do with Hoknes Comics are awesome and have been so helpful to someone new at this all. I find myself checking both sites regularly.

    Any thoughts on any key 1st appearance issues I should shoot for before they become too out of reach. Thanks

    • Anthony says:

      You have made some good purchases already from the sounds of it. Lots of people are shooting for many of the same books right now. The go to’s are most certainly Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers). Look for first She Hulk as well. That one is a bit undervalued.

      Really it depends on what your collecting goals are. Are you speculating long term, short term, or somewhere in between? A lot of the silver and Bronze Age I own are long term speculation books (I plan to sell when my kids are college age) vs moderns which I sell almost immediately.

      • Clark says:

        See I wasn’t sure what my goals should be with new modern picks. If I should be buying and holding, or waiting for better spots for when tv/movie news releases are through. Example is the NYX 3. Currently I’ve been looking for nice raw New Mutants 87 and batman adventures 12 that I could grade myself trying to stick to more modern comics since I’m still growing.

        Lately though I’ve found several variants suggested by Mel V and your posts: nice Martina Gamora #2 and actually love the Deadpool the Duck #3 1:25 Mel V pick that was recently posted. Part of my purchases are for genuine love for the art like the Deadpool #25 1:50 variant.

        I honestly wanted to invest after researching so much on comichron and sites like hoknes and comicsheatingup and to have a fun hobby and do the same as you, sell as my son gets ready for college and attempt to have smart comic choices that aren’t going to be too challenging to sell in the future

        Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll keep my eye out for Carol Danvars, any thoughts on Kamala Khan?

        Can I ask why Moon Knight?

      • Anthony says:

        Moon Knight is an under rated character and there has been buzz on him appearing on Netflix.

      • Anthony says:

        Kamala Khan could be over saturated.

  16. Clark says:

    Well thanks again for the advice. As you suggested I went and hunted down a Savage She Hulk #1 in great condition, I really love the tips you give as its been a huge help to someone like me. Do you Still think there may be value in Gambits first appearance in Uncanny X-men #266?

    Any thoughts on the new series curse words as a spec choice besides being just a good and fun read? As a side note, that solar flare comic looks awesome, I am waiting on the first six issues to read.

    • Anthony says:

      I am a big fan of Ryan Browne and have had a chance to meet him numerous times as well as talk to him and help him with some sales. So I fully support Curse Words. Plus it is written by Charles Soule who I also like.

      First Gambit has room to grow still. X-Men have been completely under utilized as of late. He comes back in to prominence and the book could still grow.

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      • Clark says:

        So in researching comics this week I kind of want to pick up a super sons #1 copy but in looking into the different variants I’m kind of confused with D.C. Variants as I’ve found exclusives by mattina and other comic store exclusives besides the two covers that come out. Any idea on which cover might by the one to seek out?

      • Anthony says:

        Cover A and B. Store variants are pretty, but a lot end up losing value. Ultimately, pick the cover you like the art on, but as a spec, cover A and B

  17. Clark says:

    anyone see the Ironfist #1 Gabrielle Dell’otto graded variants sold out in less than 30 minutes on frankie’s and the comic mint? wow.

  18. Clark says:

    Any thoughts on America Chavez and the New America series coming out. Not sure if Im sold on any of the variants of the 1st issue but have you seen the Arthur Adams #2 1:50 variant. Cover looks awesome. Any thoughts on speculating on her for the future or to look out for Vengeance #1?

    • Anthony says:

      I did well selling the regular and variant of Vengeance #1 when the announcement was made. But it will depend on the reception for the book that determines the long term value.

  19. Clark says:

    Ive been trying to continue looking for some first appearances to add to collection. Any thoughts on some spider man 1st appearances like Miles Morales is Ultimate Fallout #4 or characters like Carnage in #361 or Silks and spider gwen 1st appearances? Is there still good long term growth on any these or other issues like #300 1st venom appearance. Thanks

  20. Lonzilla says:

    I don’t feel like waiting til Wednesday to share this tip, but I will on Wed anyhow, so if anyone is reading this you can get a jump on everyone else.
    Since Jimmy Hudson (Ultimate X) books are blowing up, I did some research and digging and be o the lookout for Ultimate Fallout #6 1:25 Djurdjevic variant.
    Great cover by a highly collectable artist and the character is featured prominently, claws out, in the center. These will take some hunting to find as many online retailers are old out.
    Good luck

  21. Mark McAlister says:

    Going to buy that Frankie’s comics variant for regression number one? I got a text offer about it yesterday as I’m sure many of you guys did, but I hadn’t heard anything to this point about this comic

  22. Mark McAlister says:

    Tony – didn’t you do a video a few weeks ago about a subscription box service that came with all #1’s and like 2 variants? You could see on their website what variants they would possibly be i think…I cant remember the name of that site for the life of me…and cant find that video you did (I think you did…) Can you help me out?

  23. Mark McAlister says:

    Thanks Tony, hey didn’t you tell me once that you were in Maryland? What’s the address to ur shop? I’d like to drop by someday soon…

    • Anthony says:

      I don’t own a shop but the one I hit all the time (my LCS) is third eye comics on 2027 West St Annapolis Md. tell Steve (grey hair and lots of tattoos) you are a CHU reader and I sent you.

  24. Angelo says:

    Spidergwen 20. I just got around to reading it and now I’m very curious about the wolverine character in it. Is he a recurring character? This is the first issue that I’ve read in the series.

  25. Mark McAlister says:

    I am looking at all the Babyteeth #1 Variants that are out there, seems to be at least a dozen or so. Which one is going to be the one to get? Which ones are most limited? So far I think I’m going to get the “Famous Funnies and Faces” variant signed by Donny and Garry, but not sure. Thoughts??

  26. Mark McAlister says:

    Also, did anyone see that is doing an image comics $50 box of 50 comics from the last 25 years? Is anyone thinking about doing this? From a speculation standpoint do you think you could get your money back out of whatever is in the box?

  27. Mark McAlister says:

    Tony–so what do you think is gonna be the Babyteeth Variant to own? The lenticular? Any thoughts on the signed one I was talking about in my last comment?

    • Anthony says:

      The Lenticular are different and awesome. I love black covers so the one from More Great Art, all black embossed cover, will be nice too. Should grade well since it is a card stick cover.

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  28. Cyber Golem says:

    Hello Anthony, have you seen this comic book room?

  29. Cyber Golem says:

    Hey Anthony I know you have an affinity for cheap comics – you might enjoy this horror comic now on Kickstarter. Artwork is reminiscent of Kill or be Killed. Thought you might want to take a peak. First 200 backers get a signed copy for 5 bucks.

    STANDSTILL – The first explosive issue follows the survivors of a global pandemic where 90% of the human race suffers from a mysterious paralysis.

  30. Cyber Golem says:

    That’s a good update. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Mark McAlister says:

    So I picked up a copy the Alexander Hamilton comic by Antarctic Press the other day, but can’t find any sales on eBay, and there only one listed right now. Anyone have any luck flipping this thing? Any idea what the value is on it?

  32. Douglass Calmes says:

    I am collecting comic book covers featuring playing card art. Does anyone know of any issues featuring this? I have Wonderland through the Looking Glass, Deadpool vs Punisher and Gambit; Emperor Joker. I now that there must be more but am not sure how to go about finding them.

  33. Douglass Calmes says:

    Familiar with both those sites but unless you know the specific issue it is a slog to go through. Typing in “playing card covers” gets me nowhere. Thank you for the suggestions.

    • Anthony says:

      I do not know of any site that can be sorted by theme. Did you check out the Uncanny X-Men one I mentioned?

      On Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 2:39 PM, COMICSHEATINGUP.NET wrote:


  34. Tracy Blevins says:

    Just scored about 2,000 comics from an estate. Amongst all the golden age…I found a Dick Tracy Monthly #30 (1950) that has a double cover ..two covers stapled onto the book. Could that make the book more valuable due to being rare?

  35. David Beach says:

    Is the Teen Titans #12 the 1st appearance of Batman Who Laughs or is Metal #2? Several sites are stating Teen Titans but I’ve also read Dark Nights Metal #2 was the 1st appearance. Not sure why Teen Titans #12 is taking off on Ebay if it’s not the 1st appearance. Please help. Thx

    • Anthony says:

      Metal is a cameo. Titans is first Appearance.

      • David Beach says:

        Thx Anthony, just wanted to ask if the forum you were working on is coming along (or if you know of an active forum for comics)? I used to collect sportscards & there were so many active forums but I cant find that with comics & either I’m not looking in the right places or comic collectors are just a different type of collector whom don’t need or feel the need to discuss actively their hobby (I like speculating & collecting so something to that tune would be awesome). Thx again Anthony, I love this site & do hope it could get an active forum in the near future. Take care- Dave.

  36. Tom says:

    Wondered if anybody had any insight into this: I just received two copies of the Mattina virgin variant of Astonishing X-men #3. Thought it was a bit odd that one is blue in overall colour and one is purple! I thought maybe the purple one was a printing error, but on looking on Ebay, it seems that quite a few are purple – and quite a few are blue! Does anybody know if there were two different print runs? If so, what does that mean to the 600 print run stated? Thanks!

    • Tom says:

      (actually, looking at Ebay, there appear to be three colour hues: blue, purple and grey! I had assumed the grey image might be from Photoshop autocorrect, but maybe not…)

  37. David Billadeau says:

    Anyone have any idea on how much a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #300 chromium variant is fetching these days?

  38. scorpion says:

    you can get lucky like i did.
    Originally Posted by Scorpion
    you will not find this at big stores, as they where the first print of the DVD, you can get lucky at a mom & pop shop that sell old books and DVD. i was one of the lucky ones, i have proof that these can still be found today, look at the date on the recite. 10/13/2017 is when i bought this used, i was able to open the DVD as it was not seal to see if the book was there,load & behold..
    i have sent this to CBCS to look at, a real one vs Fake, i am a from member there go by Scorpion so look for my post.–please-be-civil/#545

  39. Marat says:

    Are you guys buying the awesome Dark Nights Metal #5 by Dell’Otto @ bulletproof comics? There are still some virgin variants left.

  40. Kyle Lee says:

    Hey guys! any fellow South Africans that follow this website?

  41. James says:


    I was one of the lucky ones to get Thanos 13 1st print for the cover price. This book is selling for $70 on ebay. Can someone give an advise? Do you think it can grow more? Should I sell now or wait? Do these kind of modern investments keep growing? Or Is it just the trend? Are these kind of books (First app weapon H, first app red goblin etc) going to keep growing? Does someone have some experience in investing to answer these questions:

    Thank you in advance


  42. Mark McAlister says:

    Tony, 2 question s for you, can you give me ur thoughts?

    1. I found 2 copies of Nova #29 like y mentioned in it last comic book haul video. Should I sell now before infinity war OR do you think Warbringer will have legs??

    2. With all the Red Goblin stuff going on, Ian the first clear picture we get of the RG on the McGuinness cover from this week that shows RG on featured cover?? I bought one on eBay yesterday for 17.00 shipped, you think these will heat up and do you think this is the first appearance???

    Read CHU at least 10 times a day, love it, thanks for all your hard work on it!!

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