Clone getting tv /movie deal?

Well, with just a short time before SDCC, things are picking up on the speculation front. Over on the Cgc message boards, a place where comic creators frequent to check out the reaction to their work. Something mysterious popped up. Continue reading “Clone getting tv /movie deal?”

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth 2nd print print run

Ken Kristensen posted on a message board a few minutes ago the print run on the 2nd print number 1 is about 5,000 copies. This makes the 2nd print #1 the smallest printed book in the series and really worth picking up (see what Rachel Rising #1 3rd print did.)

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth Tv Show?

Magic 8-ball says, “looking good.” News will be released Moday that ‘Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth’ may be coming to tv. Looks like a deal is in the works and the creative team will be releasing the scoop soon. ‘Todd’ is an Image Comics series that had good initial buzz and saw a price jump shortly after the first issue sold out. Then the second issue sold out. We will have full news once we get the update on Monday about the when’s and where’s.

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #1 is available on Amazon but copies have been snatched up fast.

Every #1 issue of 2013 sales and stats

Terry Hoknes of and does great articles looking at the numbers of books sold, and sold out. Here is his list of every first issue printed thus far in 2013.

The first column is the comics rank for the month for #1 issues. The second column is its overall

EVERY #1 ISSUE OF 2013 – All new comic book series debuted this year and sales stats

Report by Terry Hoknes of

The following massive chart is to be a basic index to all the new comic series that debut each month. Its a quick look at the most ordered and best selling #1 issues of every single month plus a great reference to look back at and see what comics are likely to be future hot books. As we all know the industry has always invested the most in #1 first issues So now you have a list of all of them at your fingertips showing their print runs. This list also includes one-shots, Annual #1′s and #0′s as well.

The first column is the comics rank for the month for #1 issues. The second column is its overall rank for all comics that month.

so far this year Marvel has had the #1 ranking #1 issue of the month 4 out of 6 times.

Jupiters Legacy and Walking Dead: Governors Special are the only #1 issues non-DC/Marvel to sell over 50,000 copies.

Only 13 #1 issues so far this year had sales of over 100,000 copies.

Only 3 #1 issues so far this year had sales of over 200,000 copies

Top Selling #1 issues so far of 2013 (plus how many copies Diamond still has in inventory as of today)

1 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 311,000 – Diamond has 3,500 copies left

2 SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 251,456 – Diamond 22,000 copies left

3 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 211,000 – Diamond 1,000 copies left

4 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 188,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

5 UNCANNY X-MEN #1 177,000 – Diamond 1,800 copies left

6 X-MEN #1 177,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

7 AGE OF ULTRON #1 174,000 – Diamond 1,200 copies left

8 BATMAN SUPERMAN #1 143,457 – Diamond 15,700 copies left

9 WOLVERINE #1 117,000 – Diamond 1,800 copies left

10 NEW AVENGERS #1 116,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

11 THANOS RISING #1 114,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

12 JUPITERS LEGACY #1 105,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

13 SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1 102,000 – Diamond 100 copies left

Continue reading “Every #1 issue of 2013 sales and stats”

East of West #4 Blank Variant going for double cover price.

Well it does not take long some days, but East of West #4 which featured an variant with a blank cover is already going for 2x what it sold for on the stands today. Collectors snatched these up as quickly as they were put out and they have already sold through at a premium. Copies that were sold at cover price on eBay quickly sold out.

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List 7/5/13

A great way to see what has some heat behind it is the Diamond Comic’s Advanced Reorder list. This list is comprised of the most re-ordered comics before they are released. These books might have been reordered due to a new story line, the previous issue selling well, a new series with chatter behind it, or with Green Lantern, free rings. It is a good tool some weeks to pick up on what will be hot coming to stores is the coming weeks. So without further ado, this week’s list:

Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List 7/5/13”

Comic picks of the week for 7/3/13

Every week brings a slew of new books to the shelves. Every week we pick which ones might heat up on the secondary market. It is always fun to guess. Let us know what you think are this week’s big books.

Continue reading “Comic picks of the week for 7/3/13”

Image Expo News

Looks like we will finally find out what really is #whatsnext.; has a bunch of stories about the news coming out of Image Expo which is being held today. The biggest news is that ‘The Walking Dead’ is going bi-weekly for seven months for the upcoming story line ‘All Out War.’ The bi-monthly shipping starts in October with issue 115.

Other highlights include ‘Velvet’ from Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker (Death of Captain America and Winter Soldier story lines.) ‘Alone’ by J. Michael Straczynski and Bill Sienkeiwicz. He will also be doing ‘Dream Police’ with Mike Deodato and ‘Lost Souls’ with Colleen Doran.

Mark Millar announced a new book titled ‘MPH’. It states that he is looking to do a unified super-hero line for Image.

Larry’s Comics Market Report 7/1/13

It’s been a couple of weeks, but Larry from Larry’s Comics has released a new comics market report. (Titles in orange are clickable and will show you current auctions on ebay in a new window)

Hey guys,
Here is my shops weekly report for this week.
It contains A LOT of recycled information because it’s weekly & the market doesn’t change that fast.
Enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously.

Continue reading “Larry’s Comics Market Report 7/1/13”

Last of Us American Dreams has been the surprise hit of a slow May

Last of Us American Dreams has been the surprise hit of a slow May-June selling period. Prices remain fairly high, as there was a tiny print run on the book. Considering how well the video game was received, and rated by critics, the book was a natural to take off. Below is an overview of prices for the comic:

All issues:

Last of Us American Dreams

Last of Us American Dreams #1 has been selling extremly well.

Last of Us American Dreams #1 is selling for $20 to $30 on average.

Even #1 Second Print, is commanding a premium, mostly due to the small print run of the first print.

Last of Us American Dreams #1 2nd Print is selling for around $9.99 on Average.

The second issue is a strong seller as well.

Last of Us American Dreams #2 is going for $17 to $23.

The third issue just came out and is selling at a premium.

Last of Us American Dreams #3 averaging $9.99 for the newly released issue.

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list 6/28/13


The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list is a great tool for looking at what books could be potentially hot. This list compiles the top 25 most reorder comics before they are distributed. These books could be soon to be released ones that are getting a lot of people asking about the in their local comic shops, books that are getting talked about on the boards. They could also be books that the past issue or couple of issues sold well and now the retailers are scrambling to fill the demand for future issues. Needless to say it is a good peek at what has buzz behind it.

So, here is the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list for 6/28/13: Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list 6/28/13”

‘Uncanny’ From Dynamite Sells out

Wow, good two weeks for new comics selling out. We have mentioned ‘X-Files #1’, ‘Wild Blue Yonder #1’ and ‘Half Past Danger 1&2’ have sold out quickly. Now, it looks Like Dynamite Entertainment is getting in on the action.

Continue reading “‘Uncanny’ From Dynamite Sells out”

X-Files Season 10 sells out from IDW, plus print run

IDW has seen a string of sold out books lately. ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ sold out its first issue. See it here with print run numbers. ‘Half Past Danger’ also sold out its first two issues, again see it here with print run numbers.

Continue reading “X-Files Season 10 sells out from IDW, plus print run”

Comic book secondary market place sees sales down turn in May

Interesting article From the

The secondary market place for comic books, primarily eBay and Amazon, was thriving in the first half of 2013. New comics would hit the shelves and would sell for multiples of cover price. People who were not normally sellers on the two market places were placing books for sale and making serious profit. Message boards were on fire with tips on the latest books that were hitting $20 sale prices on new comic day, Wednesday’s in the U.S. That was until mid-May, when sales for many sellers fell off 70-90% according to many forum posts.
Continue reading “Comic book secondary market place sees sales down turn in May”

Wednesday Comic Market Report

Larry from Larry’s Comics seems to have taken some time off from his market report. No word as to when it will resume. We looked at Lyria to pull some of the hottest books going on right now to fill in the gap.

Continue reading “Wednesday Comic Market Report”

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list 6/21/13


Sorry for getting this out late.

One way to tell what comic has heat to it is seeing what retailers are ordering. The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list shows what retailers are increasing their orders on before the books come out. A lot of books on the list tend to be new books retailers are being asked about or second issues that retailers enjoyed success with selling the first issue. So without further ado, this week’s advanced reorders. Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list 6/21/13”

Half Past Danger #1 and 2 Sells out at distributor level



Looks like IDW had a couple of recent releases that did pretty well. IDW was proud to announce that their book ‘Half Past Danger’ #1 and 2 are  sold out at the distributor level and would be going back for a second printing.  The second book came out last week. This had previously been one of our picks of the week. The print run on number 1 was fairly small for a new book at only 8,500 copies.

I do have the subscription variant available

if anyone is interested. Discount rates for multiple copies purchased. Email me at if interested or hit us up on facebook at

‘Locke and Key’ optioned for movie

Joe Hill’s Locke and Key comic book has been optioned for a movie according to The Hollywood Reporter. The book follows a widow and her three children who move to an old family home controlled by mysterious keys that open doors that have supernatural powers.

The book had previously been optioned for a tv show for Fox but was passed over due to budget restraints and other reasons. The original miniseries already sell at a premium but grab and hold until the news spreads and prices increase further.

‘Think Tank’ Movie in development.

Thanks to Schwaeger for bringing this to my attention yesterday on our Facebook Site.

Rumors are going around the message boards that the fan favorite comic ‘Think Tank’ by Matt Hawkins had been optioned for a movie deal. Now Bleeding Cool is echoing the rumor as well.

Maybe an announcement will come at Image Expo on July 2nd.

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