Bidding down on ‘Sixth Gun’ since NBC passes on show

It was bound to happen, hype built up on “The Sixth Gun’ stemming from the announcement that NBC optioned it for a TV show. When the NBC passed on it, prices dropped. (Do not get me wrong though, this is a great book.) This ends up creating what stock traders call “bag holders,” as in being left holding the bag. The thing with it is, NBC could still make the show in one of it’s subsidiaries. And Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt are still shopping it around. This has happened with several hot books such as ‘The Test’ which burned white hot and then dropped off. Oddly, this did not happen to  ‘Chew’ #1 after Showtime passed on their option

There are currently a couple of copies of ‘Sixth Gun’ number 1 sitting on eBay that are real steals.

Here is the regular edition for $12.50 with a few hours left:

(Edit: 80 views and now up to $14.50)

(Edit 2: 177 views and closed at $92.78, Anyone else bid on this?)

And the Free Comic Book Day Edition for $5.50 with 2 days left:

(Edit: Now up to $7.00 I threw some bids on it)

(Edit 2: Still only at $7.50)

This book had peaked well into the $300 range.

We will have to see what happens with the options for ‘The Damned.’

Über #1 sold out at Distributor level

Following up on the success of issue 0 Über #1 has sold out at the distributor level.

This doesn’t mean you will not be able to find it in the stores, but stores will not be able to reorder the book from Diamond. If you are interested in the book, make sure to get to the shop early as books might start drying up quickly.

Rachel Rising #1 3rd print hits $90

We mentioned the other day that Terry Moore tweeted the print runs for the second and third prints of ‘Rachel Rising.’ Tweet link.

Well, the third print has gone for as high as $90.

It is closing for $50 regularly now.

Picks of the week 5/8/13

Each week we spotlight a book or a couple of books that we thing are worth checking out and may rise in value. Here is our speculation picks of the week:


1. Walking Dead 110- you cannot go wrong picking up Walking Dead books. Th issue features Michonne and Ezekiel battling it out. A classic fan favorite versus the cool new guy with the tiger.

2. Über #1- sold out #0 and now #1 is already sold out. Sold out before it got to the stores. Avatar finally has a true hit on its hand. Über #0 also gets a second print this week.

3. Chin Music 1- Last week we saw Ben Templesmith’s new book with JMS, ‘Ten Grand’ make the list. Now we have his ’30 Days of Night’ co-creator’s new book. An Image number 1 is always a good bet, and with Steve Niles at the helm if this Lovecraft meets Hard boiled crime noir, we cannot pass it up. Also like ‘Ten Grand’ this one will have a phantom variant.

4. Twelve Reasons to Die- New publisher Blackmask Studios, run by Punk Rock Legend, Bret Gurewitz of Bad Religion Fame. Bringing in even more music star power is this is based on Ghostface Killah’snew album. Long shot but these things sometimes work out. This is backed up by store variants (tour variants) and a ticket variant which gets you into one of his shows.


Free comic book day

May the 4th is almost upon us and as you know it’s free comic book day. Some stores like Capital Comics in Maryland are kicking things off early with a midnight release. A chance get the free books a little early.

Some of the highlights for the year are ‘The Walking Dead Tyrese’s story’ which Robert Kirkman said will not be released in any other formats. No trade reprints, no back up story reprint.
Also, ‘ The Regular Show’ ‘Regular Comic’ also drops. This will be the first appearance of the comic and characters. ‘RIPD’ also drops today and back issues of the first series have been hot.


Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list 5/3/13

Diamond Advanced Reorder List

One way to guage how hot a comic is/will be is by the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list. This gives retailers to up their orders for books that may have caught some heat before the release and before the final order cut offs. So without further ado, this weeks advanced reorder list:

1. Mighty Thor Omnibus Hardcover Vol. 2

2. Batman Beyond 16

3.Batman lil’ Gotham #2 – First issue sold well. Does well as an download and translating well into sales for floppies.

4. Constantine #1 2nd Printing – 1st issue of Post-Hellblazer leads to a 2nd printing

5. Supior Spider-man #10 – Fallout from #9 is translating into increased orders for 10.

6. Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray #3 of 5 – Word is this has moved to an ongoing, retailers upping their orders.

8. East of West #3 – Another hit from Jonathan Hickamn, first issue is seeing increase prices on eBay

9. Bounce #1 – Heat from ‘Sex’ helping to pull interest into this book. #1’s from Image have been good speculator fodder

14. Helheim #2 2nd Printing – ‘Sixth Gun’s’ writers latest hit. Support from variants doing well on the secondary market and good story and art leading to good sales.

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