Comic Picks of the week 6/19/13

Each Tuesday we pick which books we are speculating on to be the “big” books of the week. This week we have some really interesting picks. Check them out below and let us know what you think:

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Superman Unchained #1 3d DC Roadshow Variant sells for $405

So DC is doing their road show to promote their upcoming books, including the new Sandman book. As a promo, they gave out Superman Unchained #1 3d variant. This isn’t like the old school needing glasses 3d from the past, instead thy are using new 3d lenticular technology. This is the same type cover coming up on their villains month books.

Within hours of the book being given out, one copy sold for over $400. If you can sweet talk your local retailer into letting theirs go, or they have one going for a decent price, this one would be worth picking up and flipping.

Auction here.

Six Gun Gorilla sells out in 24 hours


Boom Studios has announced that Six Gun Gorilla, which was released this past Wednesday, has sold out. It sold out within 24 hours. It sold out at the distributor level which means it can still be found in stores. It is going back for a second printing.

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List 6/12/13

I will admit that the past couple of reorder lists have been fairly boring. Not too much for speculators to pick through. The past through weeks have been cock full of Tpbs and hard covers which I usually gloss over or leave out all together. This months is different. The advanced reorder list is what retailers are stocking up on before the issues are released. They may have heard speculation, have had people asking about books, or had the previous issue sell well or sell out.

This weeks list sees some new books (which look to sell out) and major cross over books.

See the list after the bump.
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Larry’s Comics Market Report 6/12/13

Hey guys,
here is my shops weekly report for this week.
It contains A LOT of recycled information because it’s weekly & the market doesn’t change that fast.
Enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously.

Top ten
Regular issue new comics by sales:
Here is the top ten list of actual sales in my shop. These are just one shop out of 1,900 shops actual sales.

#1 – Age Of Ultron #9. “Alpha Dog” Clearly Marvel has caught the eye of fandom, this “Age of Apocalypse-esque” crossover has never skipped a beat.
Superior Spider-Man #11. Dan Slott is penning a historical run.
#3 – All New X-Men #12. Teenage X-Men = $
#4 – Avengers #13. Rounding out an all Marvel top 4.
#5 -Detective Comics #21. DC sales are on life support.
#6 –
Green Lantern #21. We gave it away FREE 7 it only made #6
#7 -Thanos Rising #3 (of 5).
#8 – Action Comics #21.
#9 – Kick Ass 3 #1 . Mark Millar is a god in my shop.
#10 -East Of West #3. Fans adore Hickman’s new series. Sales have been “Saga-esque”

Honerable mention: The Walking Dead Vol. 18: What Comes After TP was our Indy “rock star” of the day fans of the TV show come out of the woodwork for the latest tpb. ( This appears to be the chosen format for the general public to read WD )

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BEST SELLING COMICS in a world without DC and Marvel

Reprinted with permission from Terry Hoknes of Terry also writes for Investcomics.

BEST SELLING COMICS in a world without DC and Marvel – report by Terry Hoknes of

Marvel & DC have always dominated the market and basically you could say “own” the comic industry. So lets analyze the best selling comics WITHOUT any Marvel/DC titles included. This will give us a better perception of how well the other publishers sell and what titles and characters actually compete with Marvel/DC sales numbers. After reading this chart you may have a new appreciation for the smaller publishers who bring a wider and unique variety of titles to our comic shops each week.

MAY 2013 best selling comics chart.

Lets erase the 79 DC and 74 Marvel titles and see what the “other” best selling comics were!

Only 9 comics ranked in the Top 100 and these are the 9 high profile comics of the month that truly had a buzz.

Walking Dead returned back to #1 yet again. Ten Grand #1 from Image had a super strong showing with 2 different regular covers. The power of Star Wars is continually strong as sales hold steady on #5. Regular Show #1 had 6 regular covers which helped print orders making Boom’s biggest selling comic ever. Girl power was strong yet again with My Little Pony #7. The original creator of TMNT returned to the comic after many years creating a “first” of sorts. This boosted sales way up the list. Charismagic had a high print run as it was priced at only $1.00 Image Bounce #1 had decent orders but very small compared to Ten Grand. The hype of the very first Sesame Street comic ever encouraged all retailers to really take a chance on this one based on the 1970 TV series with 5 different regular covers. 6 of the 9 comics ranked high due to being a “first” of sorts.

Only 9 comics made the top 100 but 60 made the top 200 showing that there is a lot of support for indie publishers but mostly in the 10,000 to 20,000 range whereas Marvel/DC average orders are double that.

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Comic Picks of the Week 6/12/13

This is a fantastic Wednesday. It is big and has a couple if really good releases I think should be checked out. I always look forward to new comic day but rarely like this one. So on to the speculation picks of the week.

1. Walking Dead 111 – always a must but and with the three “tribes” conflict coming to a head these issues will be key. You should always pick up pre-100 books but lately these issues have introduced characters that will be big later.

2. The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys – Gerard Way of ‘My Chemical Romance’ is back at the helm of a Dark Horse comic. ‘Umbrella Academy’ was a huge crossover hit, not just with comic fans but music fans as well. The Free Comic Book Day issue spiked after release. I will have phantom variants up on my eBay site.

3. Superman Unchained- the variants are already pulling big dollars on the secondary market before it has been released.

4. Batman 21- Year Zero starts. Batman has been a solid performer and a great book.

5. A1 #1- Return of the award winning anthology returns. I will also have the phantom variant of this on my ebay site

Honorable mentions: Six Gun Gorilla this golden age public domain character is back and it seems like a fun quirky story.

Peter Panzerfaust 11- Cry Wolf story line begins. Book Issues have been hot. And this one features hook prominently on the cover and in the story. (Granted 10 bombed on the secondary market but 8 and 9 which featured hook did quite well.

Angela to be in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Movie

Bleeding Cool had ran an interesting story today, that if true, would make all those ‘Spawn’ #9’s way more valuable. A Scottish newspaper is claiming that Angela will be in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie. True or not, we will find out when the full cast is revealed.



available on amazon starting at $4.95, here and here

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Image Comics ‘Term Life’ to be made by Vince Vaugn

The team that brought you ‘Couples Retreat,’ Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley are set to turn Image Comics Graphic Novel ‘Term Life’ into a film according to Hollywood reporter, See the original article here. A quick check of eBay shows there are no copies selling in the US. Amazon shows quiet a few for sale below cover price.On Amazon for around $12.


Story description from Amazon: If Nick Barrow can stay alive for 21 days he’ll die happy! Everyone Nick knows wants him dead; Mob bosses, contract killers, and dirty cops. Performing the last act of a desperate man, Nick takes out a million dollar insurance policy on himself, payable to his estranged daughter. The problem? The policy doesn’t take effect for 21 days… and Nick knows they’ll be lucky to be alive for twenty-one hours!

‘Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray’ to become ongoing series


Five Ghosts the Haunting of Fabian Gray is going to be an ongoing series. Frank Barbiere stated at Hero’s Con this weekend he had big news about the series. Looks like the official announcement is coming soon.

I had spoken to Frank Barbiere a few weeks ago at a signing and he stated he let the news loose unofficially via twitter and Image didn’t react to much to him saying so. He also said it will continue with legacy numbering (not a series of mini series) but the name would be changing. It will still be called Five Ghosts but the subtitle will be changing.

Ten Grand issue 1 print run

As we reported on May 9th, the J Michael Stracznski comic ‘Ten Grand’ sold out its first issue at the distributor level in one week. With 67,218 copies printed of the first issue first print this should place the book within the top 20 issues sold for May.

The second issue, as well as the second print of number one, came out this week.

The second book in the Joe’s Comics line, ‘Sidekick’ debuts at San Diego Comic Con with a con exclusive variant and then later that month with at comic shops.

10,000 Hits


I wanted to give a personal thank you to everyone who has stopped by and read my blog. In just three short months of existence, we have gotten 10,000 hits. I think that is pretty fantastic as I have not advertised the blog other than having it in my signature on a couple of message boards.

Most of the hits are coming from google, where people are looking for “comic speculation” “comic book speculation” “comics heating up” (that’s why I used that title for the blog) and “hot comics”.

Please remember to like us on Facebook. once we hit 100 likes I will be giving away a random Phantom Variant, Ghost Variant, or store exclusive variant from my ever growing pile of variants.

Also, check us out on eBay, we sell as well as speculate, it’s how we stay in the game. Mention comics heating up blog and I will give you a 10% discount on all completed auctions this month.
Our eBay page

So thanks again to everyone who has made this little blog such a success and a top listing on Google for comic book speculation.

Larry’s Comics Market report 6/5/13

Sorry for the lateness in posting this (still using the new baby excuse) next week I will be back to a more normal schedule. So without further ado, Larry’s Comics Market report for 6/3/13.


Hey guys,
here is my shops weekly report for this week.
It contains A LOT of recycled information because it’s weekly & the market doesn’t change that fast.
Enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously.

Top ten
Regular issue new comics by sales:
Here is the top ten list of actual sales in my shop. These are just one shop out of 1,900 shops actual sales.

#1 – X-Men #1. “Alpha Dog” The all women team was a hit with fans.
#2 – New Avengers #6
#3 – JLA #4.
#4 – Earth 2 Annual #1 .
#5 -Indestructible Hulk #8
#6 -Wolverine & the X-Men #30. The “X” titles are all quite good right now & are amongst Marvel’s top sellers.
#7 -Captain America #7.
#8 – Dark Knight Annual #1.
#9 – Savage Wolverine #5 .
#10 -The Wake #1. Fans were excited to give Scott Snyders new series a try

Honerable mention: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22 was our Indy “rock star” of the day.
We “hand sold” a ton of this issue.

Top “ten-ish.”
Regular issue new ( last year ) comics by aftermarket:
Modern comics that are seeing aftermarket activity. Ebay, Amazon, CGC boards, Bleeding Cool, Lyria comic Exchange, conventions & my Phantom retailer network of 25+ shops are the primary source of this information. Not the top selling books in comic stores, rather the currently published, modern books that are selling above cover price for a variety of reasons. Prices are so volatile, in some cases they are out of date upon publication. This is just a guide, you figure them out. It’s simple, search E-Bay under completed auctions:

DC’s Fables is under development by Hollywood.
Hoax Hunters. The latest recipient of Hollywood love.
Rachel Rising #1. Yeah, rising in price due to TV rumors.
Pilot Season Declassified #1 & The Test #1. TV development is stirring interest.
Uber #0. Nazi shock violence for the sale of shock violence
Polarity #1. This band tie in dual collectable.
East of West #1 Quality new mythology has this on everyone’s radar.
Nowhere Men Fabulous word of mouth. Under-ordered. Settling.
Peter Panzerfaust. Rumored stop motion animated show for BBC
Helheim #1 regular #1. Obscure indy publisher. Low print run. Killer material.
Injustice #1. This video game tie in hasn’t even begun.
Hawkeye. Eisners should light this on fire.
The Sixth Gun. NBC passing on the TV show.
Mind MGMT. The recent movie development news has fans scrambling. #1-$50
Saga. This is the title defines the recent Image revival. #1-$75
Five Ghosts #1. Positive word of mouth.

Top ten “ish” up & coming modern Key issues.
Modern comics that are just starting to see aftermarket movement. Books that were recently not in demand, and are finally experiencing aftermarket activity for a variety of reasons.

Captain Marvel #27. First appearance of Mistress Death.
DC 1st issue special #2. With ART BALTAZAR and FRANCO reinventing The Green,I’ll risk $3
Spawn #9 First appearance of Angela.
Dark Knight Returns #2. First full in costume Carrie Kelly.
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 vol 2. Fans are starting to focus on this affordable #1
Wolverine #166. 1st appearance Dog
Uncanny X-Men #282. First Bishop. The second print is tough to find.
Guardians of the Galaxy 24 & 25 (vol 2), return of Thanos.
X-Factor #5 & 6. First Apocalypse. Rumored villain in upcoming X-movie
Batman #7. First full appearance Harper Row. Rumored new Robin.
Captain America vol 5 #6. First full appearance of the Winter Soldier
New Mutants #16. First Warpath $10

Top ten modern Key issues at my shop.
Modern comics that sell off my wall constantly. My shop sales are primarily new material, & my back issue sales tend to be related. I have a waiting list for most of these books.

Bongo! Have had a huge run on #1’s lately
Kimota! All Miracleman issues have been flying amidst Marvel rumors. Ms Marvel #16 & 17 are on fire lately. Mystique is a top Marvel villain.
Walking Dead #1. The undisputed king of the modern era. Actually ANY WD pre 100.
Marvel Super Hero Presents #18. Guardians are really heating up. $50+
New Mutants #98. 1st Deadpool. $100 king of the modern X keys.
Uncanny X-Men #266. 1st Gambit is always a $40 instant sale.
Uncanny X-Men #141 &142. Days of future past movie source
Captain Marvel #33 – Origin of Thanos $50
Incredible Hulk #271. 1st comic book App Rocket Raccoon. $50
Nova #1. The new marvel series has fans scrambling for this relatively inexpensive bronze age key. $40+
Batman Harley Quinn. Iconic Alex Ross cover $50
Infinity Gauntlet, War, Crusade, Abyss. Thanos, Thanos Thanos.
The Killing Joke. It’s simply the best Joker wall book in the 25 year history of my shop. $25
Batman Animated #12. Every Bat fan wants the first appearance of Harley Quinn. $85

My Top ten “ish” under-valued modern comics.
These are books I’m speculating will soon see aftermarket activity, & are currently under-valued in my humble opinion, some may even be found in the bargain bins. I want to buy these books on the cheap. They’re long-shots. ( I’m not spending hooker or booze money on them. )

The SHIELD trailer looks killer!

Action Comics Vol 1 #845 January, 2007. First modern day General Zod.
Hank Henshaw appearances. The new 52 version is coming.
Eric O’ Grady key’s: Irredeemable Ant Man #1-12, Secret Avengers #23 & #32
Marvel Red Sonja #1. Gail Simone is taking over Dynamite series.
Rom #1. IDW just untangled the rights. If Nova & Ms Marvel can get hot, why the hell not Rom?
Marvel Spotlight Vol 2 #6 . first comic appearance of Star Lords father J’son of Spartax ( I like ALL Star Lord appearances )
Uncanny X-Men #172-3.Movie source material with Mariko Yashida
New X-Men #134. First Quentin Quire.
Star Brand #1. First New Universe & brand/tattoo: The Star Brand.
Thor #344. First appearance Malekith ( In upcoming Thor-2 movie )
Invaders vol 2 #1. First Dr. Nemesis
Uncanny X-men #317. First Blink. In upcoming X movie.
Marvel Point One. First Sam Alexander Nova
Battle Scars #1 & #6. First full Phil Coulson & Marcus Johnston.
The Invincible Iron Man #10. First Pepper Potts as Rescue.
Young Avengers #1. First Kate Bishop. My favorite Marvel female.
Ms Marvel #1. She’s rumored to be in Avengers 2 movie.
Ultimate Team Up #5. First African American Nick Fury in comics.
Captain America #157. first appearance of Viper
Deathshead appearances. Absolute quarter box fodder. I’m currently researching which to buy.

Top ten modern variant comics by aftermarket:
Variants are versions of the regular issue comic. They are NOT regular issue comics.
They are distributed / created for a variety of reasons.
Order incentive / retailer incentive, produced exclusively for shops/shows,events.

Walking Dead #1 Wizard World variants.
There is a Twelve Reasons to Die #1 “ticket” variant autographed by Ghostface Killa $75+
Peter Panzerfaust #10 C2e2 variant
Adventure Time Marvel parodies. Delightful. $35+
Star Wars #1 Alex Ross sketch. Promo, limit one per Diamond account.
East of West #1 Forbidden Planet $30, ComicsPro/Ghost $15
Batman #1. Dc’s flagship title. $50
Nowhere Men #1 Thought Bubble, ComicsPro, CBLDF.
Skottie Young marvel Babys. fans simply adore these.
Hellheim #1 NYCC $50, ECCC $100
Blank sketch covers. There seems to be an insatiable need for these by auto / sketch seekers.
Five Ghosts #1 ECCC. $50+
Phantom variants. You know you love them. Generally sold $3.99 in shop sell for $10 online.

My pick of the week. The comic shipping this week that will be worth your valuable speculator y consideration, and why.

(W/A/CA) Mike Kunkel


It’s Picture Day at Tyler’s school, and naturally he’s forgotten! But before Tyler can pick his good side, he has to sneak out of class with his best friend Herobear to stop an attack on the Simpleton Bridge from the mysterious Von Klon and his Sub-of-Doom! …and he better not lose his hall pass in the process. Don’t miss as creator Mike Kunkel relaunches his Eisner-award winning creation at KaBOOM! with a brand new original adventure!
A lot of people ask me why I like to speculate on modern comic books. Original Art, Gold, Silver & Bronze age comics are a much better investment. I’m a comic book fan, a voracious reader of new material. I love how new books set the pace for back issues. It is fast paced & never stagnant due to the constant release of new material. Right now modern comics are the petri dish of pop culture, comic shops the breeding ground.

I have been collecting comics since the 1970’s & been in the business of selling them since the 1980’s. I love a quality story & a great buy, equally.

I speculate on new comics every week. I always have & I always will. Purchasing modern comic books with the intent of making a profit is my hobby of choice. It’s impossible that every new comic week will generate a book of “Walking Dead class” potential, but it’s still fun to try to make savvy buys. You can sit back & wait for aces, or you can play the hand your dealt to the best of your ability.

Sometimes, I’m right. Sometimes I’m wrong, but I play every week.

If you enjoy this new micro-blog format of my weekly market report.
Please re-tweet it. Post it online.

Thanks to Ralph at Jetpack for help with this weeks market report.

If you notice a trend developing email me:

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Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List

1. X-MEN #2 – All female X-Men book did well with number one, retailers don’t want to miss out on sales for number two

2. WAKE #2 – Scott Snyder 10 issue mini series sold really well, retailers are scrambling to get more of the second issue.

3. AGE OF ULTRON #10 – Angela!

5. GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #4 – Angela joins the team soon, movie coming.

6. LAZARUS #1 – New Image title from Greg , retailers are betting on this being Image’s next smash hit

7.RED LANTERNS #21 – free ring with purchase, driving up GL family sales

8. BOUNCE #2 CVR B – issue 1 sold well retailers are scrambling to meet the demand for #2

9. LARFLEEZE #1- fan favorite orange later comes with a ring

10. SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #2 – Jim Lee on superman again

11. ALL NEW X-MEN #13

12. BATMAN #22 – DCs heavy weight book

13. INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US #6 – Video Game tie in still doing well on eBay.



17. BOUNCE #1 2ND PTG – going to second print means Bounce #1 sold out on distributor level

18. BATMAN SUPERMAN #1 – second time this book has been on the reorder list top 25

19. BATMAN SUPERMAN #2 m- See above

20. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #14 Octo-Spidey is still hot

21. JUSTICE LEAGUE #22 – DC Comics Trinity tie in

22. GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #5 – Angela coming soon!

23. BATMAN COURT OF OWLS BOOK & MASK SET – similar to the V for Vendetta set. The Convention masks have sold for a good amount on eBay

25. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #13 – Octo-Spidey still hot

‘Last of Us’ #1 heating up on ebay

Video game tie ins seem to be hot lately. With ‘Injustice Gods Among Us’ leading the charge as this summers heavy hitter for price increase.

Well looks like we have another. Dark Horse Comics released ‘Last of Us’ last month with a low print run and a commercial for the video game that ran on the ‘Walking Dead’ season finally. IGN gave this game a perfect 10. So the tie in comics could be hotter than they are now. First print #1’s are going for $15-20.

copies available on eBay

Available on Amazon for under $13

Picks of the week 6/5/13


Going into this week, I thought it was going to be a light week for speculation. When I got into the shipping list I saw that I was wrong. This week has a good crop of books coming out that are worth placing a bet on. So here is this weeks books of the week.

1. East of West #3 – this weeks big book. Hickman’s East of West has been hot and further along these early issues could be worth it and hard to find. Even with a generous over print of #1, it sold out and moved to a second print.

2. Polarity #3- yes it’s a great book. It has been a fantastic read and such an interesting story.

3. Kick Ass 3 #1 – Mark Millar’s epic “real life” superhero story continues and I ant wait to see who will be on the tail end of the violence, also the second movie should help sales of the book on the secondary market

4. Hero bear and the Kid Special – I loved Mike Kunkle’s original series and it was valuable on the secondary market because it was so good and had a small print run. The return of the series is appreciated and an help the older issues.

5. Thanos Rising #3 – Great read so far and with the Guardians movie coming out this mini could be shooting up.

Also out this week is Ten Grand #2 which I am looking forward to.

A book to buy just for the over:

Archer and Armstrong #10 8-bit variant. Man I love this cover

Larry’s Comic Market Report 5/28/13

Sorry I am a little late getting this one out this week. New baby (our second son) has put me a day or so behind. Here is this weeks Larry’s comics Market report for this week.

Hey guys,
here is my shops weekly report for this week.
It contains A LOT of recycled information because it’s weekly & the market doesn’t change that fast.
Enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously.
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‘Justice League of America’ #4 major character death

One thing that gets comic fans and speculators interested in a book is a characters death. Especially, a fan favorite and major characters death brings in the buyers. Well ‘Justice League of America’ #4 has the death of a major character in spades. This book should be picked up before it sells out at your local comic shop.

This book leads into this summers DC comics event ‘Forever Evil’ and features the death of a Batman favorite character. At this point, if you do not want to know who it is, stop reading, and stay off the Internet.

Unsure how it will play out, if she will be brought back to life, if it was someone else under the costume, or if someone new will now be under the costume, but Selena Kyle takes a bullet to the head at the end of the issue. The page shows red blood and it wasn’t done in the shadows, so there is no doubt she took it to the temple.

Picks of the week 5/29/13

This weeks picks are chock full of horror and some horror legends. Sorry for the delay in posting my picks if the week. I added something special to my family this weekend with the birth of my second son. But Wednesday waits for no one so here is what I think will be hot this week.

1. The Wake #1 – Scott Snyder of Batman fame and Sean Murphy bring a Lovecraft-ian tale to Vertigo.

2. X-Men #1 – Brian Wood, who brought us the super hot Star Wars comic from Dark Horse, and artist supreme Olivier Coipel bring the all female cast to the new X-men book. I will have the phantom variants for sale up later today.

3. Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles #22 – creator Kevin Eastman returns to his original creation. I will have the phantom variants of this one up for sale later today.

4. Clive Barker’s Last Testament #1 – one of two new books by horror legends this week. Looks good got lots of press.

5. John Carpenter’s Asylum #1- horror legend that brought us ‘The Thing’ and ‘Halloween’ has a new book that looks fabulous. I sell horror books like crazy in October and I think this is one people will be looking for.

6. The Westwood Witches #1 – new horror title Amigo Press. Hot new publisher. I have a feeling this company is the new Zenescope.

Regular Show #1 Phantom Variant

regular show

I have several extra copies of the ‘Regular Show’ #1 Phantom Variant available if anyone is looking for one. US shipping only, sorry.

Also check out my other Phantom Variants and store variants, I combine shipping for up to 6 books at no extra cost:

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