Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list for 8/16/13


Normally, the Diamond Comics advanced reorder list gives speculators a good idea on what is heating up based on what retailers are scrambling to reorder before final order cut off. This week it tells us only one thing, GET THE 3-D DC covers for yourself and for flipping if you can. All the books have been allocated to stores. You may not get the covers. These books have already started selling for multiple times cover price before they have been released. They are sold out. Standard covers are being sent to fill the demand, but not sure anyone will care about the standard covers.
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Marvel’s Infinity #1 sells out at distributor level

Marvel was very proud to announce that Infinity #1 sold out at the distributor level. Selling out through Diamond Comics does not mean you will not be able to get this book in your local comic shop, but when there stock is gone, it’s gone.

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Sheltered #1 Print run

One of the recent books I have been very intrigued by has been Shelter #1. Labeled as a Pre-apocalypse story, it follows survivalists preparing for the worst, and getting something completely unexpected. Continue reading “Sheltered #1 Print run”

Print run of Ghosted #1

With the second issue of the ongoing series Ghosted out today, and the second printing of number one, I figured it might be nice to know the print run. For a Skybound book it was less than I imagined especially since a preview ran in The Walking Dead. Continue reading “Print run of Ghosted #1”

IDW’s Wild Blue Yonder, the movie?

I had a conversation with a large regional retailer that is in with the creative team behind Wild Blue Yonder, the hit and sold out creator owned book from IDW. We often trade speculation info back and forth and I know this retailer to be a stand up guy who is in the know. I am not going to name the retailer or the shop, it’s not Larry, because I appreciated the info. Continue reading “IDW’s Wild Blue Yonder, the movie?”

Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 8/14/13

Each week we go over what is being released on Wednesday and give our how’s and why’s on what we think will heat up. This week is not a huge week for new series, but we do have the return of some old favorites. Continue reading “Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 8/14/13”

Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List 8/9/13

One way to tell what is going to be hot is by looking at what retailers are going back to reorder before the books ship. This list is called the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list. It is a good indication of what books are going to be hot, and could heat up on the secondary market. Without a doubt, this weeks advanced reorder list indicates that the hot book to pick up is Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List 8/9/13”

SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for August 14 2013 Release Week

Terry Hoknes is our numbers guy, he is a comic book and Planet of the Apes historian, he is also owner of www.hoknescomics.com and writes for Invest Comics. Each week he puts out a list of sold out comic books coming out. All material printed with permission of Terry Hoknes. Continue reading “SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for August 14 2013 Release Week”

Larry’s Comics Market Report for the week of 8/7/13

Larry Doherty from Larry’s Comics puts out one of the greatest newsletters each week that deals with comic sales and speculation. Lately, he has been taking time off because of summer. We will run them every time we get them. Orange titles are clickable. Here is this weeks:

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Comicsheatingup.wordpress.com is now Comicsheatingup.net

Since I launched this new site back on March 28th we have grown significantly, and that’s thanks to the regular readers, tipsters, and people who have stumbled on to us. I have been very proud of the growth, going from 60 views the first month, to getting 10,000 views in three months, to getting 20,000 hits last month. Continue reading “Comicsheatingup.wordpress.com is now Comicsheatingup.net”

‘Kevin Keller’ #10 out today, sold out at distributor level

It’s funny some of the books that sell out and the reasons they do. Archie’s Friend Kevin Keller #10 is out today and sold out. The reason it is sold out is….

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Skyward #1 from Action Lab Comics heating up

Thanks to Terry Hoknes for the tip on this one, he is the owner of Hoknescomics.com, we run Terry’s articles here, and he writes for Invest Comics.

Skyward #1 from Action Lab Comics is sold out. It is sold out and is currently going for $20 plus on the secondary market.

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Burn the Orphanage #1 sold out at distributor level

We ran a “buy this book” post on Friday about Burn the Orphanage #1 because the book looks to be Wednesday’s big release. Now it looks that Image comics has another sell out on its hands. Continue reading “Burn the Orphanage #1 sold out at distributor level”

Think Tank #1 2nd print, print run. Way lower than you would think

Matt Hawkins, writer of Think Tank responded to a question on the Cgc boards about the print run of Think Tank number 1 2nd print and it’s low, very low. Continue reading “Think Tank #1 2nd print, print run. Way lower than you would think”

Burn the Orphanage #1 buy this book


This book is going to be awesome. Hyper kinetic story by Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman. Killer Art by Sina Grace. It comes out next Wednesday and will be my pick of the week. I just got in a small batch of store variants with cover art by Brandon Graham which look killer. US readers interested leave me a comment or hit me up on Facebook.com/comicsheatingup $14.99 shipped for blog readers. Limit 2 per buyer.

The regular and Rob Guillory variants are up and cheap on Amazon. I do not think many people see this one coming!
Burn the Orphanage Born to Lose #1 Regular

Burn the Orphanage #1 Guillory Variant

Chew being developed as animated series

Hollywood reporter has reported that Chew, once being developed as a Showtime TV show is being developed into an Animated TV show. John Laymen is saying that an animated show does not mean that a live action TV show is out of the works. Prices have dipped back issues lately so any news on a tv show would help the prices out. for a guy like me who is still sitting on a full run  even after prices for #1hit $400 Continue reading “Chew being developed as animated series”

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