Comic Picks of the week for delivery 7/31/13

Summer has been kicking my rear with great books. With my work schedule, working on the site, buying comics for selling, and general summer travels, I am behind on my reading pile. This week is no exception. There are some really good books, with good speculation on them coming out this week.
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Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List for 7/28/13


The Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list shows what comic shops are upping their orders on before the books ship. These could be new #1’s, books that have got some heat behind them, 2nd prints of already sold out books, or stuff that buyers are coming in asking for. This week is a treasure trove of sold out books going back for 2nd prints. This means the first prints are long gone from the distributor and could be seeing an increase in price.

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Cult Fiction Comics Comic shop review

One of the greatest things about traveling, for me at least, is to check out comic shops in the areas I go to. I plan on doing more reviews on shops, but have only done one so far and I gave it a horrible review. Today I hit several shops on my way to Philadelphia up 95 N and one really stood out above the rest.

Cult Fiction Comics located at 3103 Chichester Ave in Boothwyn, Pa is a fantastic shop. My iPhone’s Gps is set to pick up Comic shops along my route. It also drains the battery. These guys are located right off 95, maybe a three mile detour, and are worth stopping in for.

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‘Watson and Holmes’ an interview with Brandon Perlow

I had the privilege to be contacted by New Paradigm studios president Brandon Perlow in reference to their new book ‘Watson and Holmes.’ He was a great guy to talk to via email and agreed to an interview about his company, the smash book, and what else they have coming down the pipeline.
(sorry this took me an extra day to get up I have been on the road)

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Comics picks of the week for 7/24/13 delivery

Wow, last week was a huge week in speculation, not only in news coming out of SDCC either. The hottest release by far was New Paradigm Studios ‘Watson and Holmes’. This one completely flew under the radar and blew up big. Sets of all three covers hit $100 within days. This week has some good books to look out for as well, and as always, if something is getting hot we will let you know about it. Here is this weeks picks.

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Clone picked up by Universal for tv show

Skybound just tweeted that Clone has been picked up by Universal for a Tv show. Looks like this book will be off to the races.


Might not hurt to check out getting a copy here because, Clone #1 starting at $2.90 on Amazon

Clone #2

Clone #3 for about cover price

Clone #4 for $1.90

Clone #5 for $2

Plus there is the Clone#1 “Charlie Adlard Variant”

Think Tank Movie Confirmed at Sdcc

We kind of saw this one coming, in fact we reported on it back on June 20th, but it has been confirmed that Think Tank is heading to the big screen. Prices are sure to jump on this already hot book. Continue reading “Think Tank Movie Confirmed at Sdcc”

Number 13 from Dark Horse Movie coming

The news flying out of SDCC has been fast and furious. While I was driving home my iPhone was lighting up with tips that Dark Horse Comics ‘Number 13’ was not only picked up for a movie, but they released the trailer at the Dark Horse Black panel.

You can see the trailer for yourself at and I can say it looks pretty awesome. Kind of reminds me of the special effects of The Returner.

Of course, get the books before they blow up. Number 13 on eBay get them while they are cheap

Number 13 #0

Number 13 #1

Number 13 #2

Number 13 #3

Watson and Holmes #1 heating up

Well not heating up as much as hot. This book came out of nowhere and got some great press and got people interested. The book, which came out on Wednesday, had a print run of 3,888 copies and the second issue will have an even small print run. It sold out before SDCC according to Bleeding Cool. A second printing is coming.

So whats the story?

WATSON & HOLMES is a modern urban take on the tales of “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Re-envisioning Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson as African Americans and taking place in New York City’s famous Harlem district. Both cross paths for the first time when an unusual case Holmes is involved in ends up in Watson’s emergency room. During the investigation, a conspiracy is discovered that links unexpected people together while Watson & Holmes bump heads along the way in more ways than one.

Not willing to fork out the $20 an issue to check it out? You can get

Watson and Holmes #1 digitally from Amazon for 99 cents. Watson and Holmes #1 on ebay


Ghosted #1 sells out at distributor level and going to 2nd print

Another new sell out from Image and Skybound (Robert Kirkman’s imprint.) ‘Ghosted #1’ sold out through Diamond comics distributors. Selling out at the distributor level does not mean that you cannot but it in stores, it means that stores cannot order additional copies through Diamond. Skybound sellouts have included many issues of ‘The Walking Dead’ and early issues of ‘Thief of Thieves.’ Many of which have performed nicely on the secondary market.

Copies of Ghosted #1 cheap on Amazon get them while they last.

Larry’s Comics Market Report 7/16/13


Larry Doherty at Larry’s comics puts out a weekly market report. It is always a good read to see what is getting hot, and what he thinks will get hot. We tend to agree on a lot of things (Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth made the list this week.) So without further ado this weeks market report:

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Comic book picks of the week for 7/17/13

This looks to be another good summer week with some good speculation books. Speaking of which, did you see the news on ‘Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth’ and ‘Clone.’? These two stories kept me busy last night and up late with excitement. Things have been kind of slow on the secondary market, but the books we are picking up now are going to turn in to money down the road. We just have to get through convention season. So without further ado, this weeks comic book speculation picks:

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Clone getting tv /movie deal?

Well, with just a short time before SDCC, things are picking up on the speculation front. Over on the Cgc message boards, a place where comic creators frequent to check out the reaction to their work. Something mysterious popped up. Continue reading “Clone getting tv /movie deal?”

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth 2nd print print run

Ken Kristensen posted on a message board a few minutes ago the print run on the 2nd print number 1 is about 5,000 copies. This makes the 2nd print #1 the smallest printed book in the series and really worth picking up (see what Rachel Rising #1 3rd print did.)

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth Print Run

Thanks to Mark for these. Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth sold out its first two issues early on. With news of the impending TV show, its not a bad idea to look at the print run numbers. The second issue of the series, which typically drops off in size, is the smallest of the run. With about 7800 first print copies this book could really shoot up if the TV show works out. I can account for at least 7800 people hoping it does.

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Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth shoot up to $30

We told you on the 13th that some serious rumblings have been going around, straight from the creative team, that Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth looked like it was going to be picked up as an animated tv series. Since the rumor got out Amazon sold out of the copies it had listed. And has since got new copies listed. All the cheap copies have disappeared off eBay. The copies of #1 that have bids on them are all in the $30 dollar range. With news hitting today of the tv series, looks like prices may be set to jump again. There are currently very few copies of the first print #1 on eBay.

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