Comic Book picks of the week for 9/25/13

This is a big week for books. One of the year’s biggest and most anticipated books drops this week. That book, of course, is the 3d cover featuring Joker’s Daughter. The character that first appeared in Batman Family #6 or Catwoman #23 depending on who is under that mask. Needless to say get a 3d copy and flip it. Get a 2d copy and read it. Or get which ever and do what ever with it. It is going to be big and has already been going for crazy money. But besides Joker’s darling daughter, there are a bunch of other books you shouldn’t miss out on cause they look like the could heat up.
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Comics Picks of the Week shipping August 7, 2013


Each week tons of books are released, each week we pick the ones we see as having a shot of heating up on the secondary market. This week it is not hard to guess which one we are backing.
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