head shotAnthony H. has been reading and collecting comics for 30 years. He used his knowledge to frequent message boards and give tips and advice on buying hot comics for flipping on the secondary market. Instead of giving out the advice on other people’s sites all the time, he brought that experience into launching a site of his own in March of 2013. Comics Heating Up was born.

CHU (ComicsHeatingUp) as we like to refer to it now has grown immensely since launch.

In addition to comics he has a love of collecting toys, video games, and movies, but nothing tops his love for the two greatest things in his life, his sons.

There’s also this other guy that goes by the name agentpoyo who writes and does a lot of the backend technical stuff for the website. Starting out as just a reader and commentor on the site, he quickly grew into a major contributor and backer of the website, the brainchild of the now popular CHU Forums.

We use the following philosophy for speculating comic books:

Anyone can tell you that a Walking Dead issue one can make you a lot of money on eBay, but you cannot walk into a comic shop and get those books for cover price or cheap. We tell you the books that are on the rise that you can still find in comic shops. We speculate and give you hard data on what coming out might be a good flip-able book.

We use several sources for our data. We look at eBay listings and their listing metrics. We look at recently closed auctions. We read message boards and stay sync’d with popular news sites. We look at Diamond Distributor’s Final Order Cut off and Advanced re-order lists. We investigate trends on past books and sales to predict future sales.

Check us out, read us regularly, and make some money!