Winner: Walking Dead ‘From The Gallows’ Episode 5 Season Pass

Getting caught up on giveaways. Doing the easy one first. This is the Season Pass for Walking Dead A New Frontier Tell Tale Games courtesy of Tell Tale Games themselves. . Continue reading

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Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 52

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, love, and surport.

Just some random thoughts. Remember, Red Bull is the best drink ever made, and I am drinking it while writing this. That Gotham is an awesome show, loosely based on Batman. That Secret Empire makes no sense McDonalds needs to stop being so damn stingy with its nugget dipping sauces, come on, it is fifty nuggets and you expect one to two sauces to do the job, stop that already. Now, let’s make some with some comics because you can’t teach that. Continue reading

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Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List for 5/29/17


The Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List is a great speculator tool. It shows what books retailers are going back to get more of, in advance of their release. They are actually putting their money up betting these books get big. These are the books people are talking about in shops, message boards, and websites. Here is the Diamond Comics Advance for 5/29/17: Continue reading

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Mary Jane Gets Venomized in Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #8

Being Venomized is a thing now, a “for real thing” Edge of Venom-verse is coming, along with it a slew of variant covers showing characters in the Venom symbiote. Two full weeks before the event launches, Mary Jane dons the Venom Symbiote in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN RENEW YOUR VOWS #8 .
Continue reading

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New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/31/17

Each week Anthony from and Terry Hoknes from have a weekly video char where they discuss the weeks hot new releases. Here is this week’s for delivery 5/31/17 Continue reading

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Recent Hot Books

Hey CHU! Shawn B. here again. Just did some value adjustments for and came across a few popular books right now that I wanted to share with everyone. This won’t be a weekly post like the One Year Later one but if people like it, I will try and get one of these out every so often as I am doing value adjustments. I didn’t take the time to see which of these were specced here on CHU. Off the top of my head I think that most were. Besides Heathen #3, most of these have been out for a little while now and are still holding value and being sought after. Continue reading

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Free Comic Sunday: Lady Death #0 Nightrider Edition Signed by Brian Pulido

Louie M. is out in Arizona covering the Phoenix Comicon for CHU. Full write up to follow, including the craziness that was a fully armed guy out to shoot the Green Ranger. In the meantime, he has a giveaway for us.

Hey CHU! Doing an awesome giveaway to celebrate Phoenix Comicon and give some love to my favorite booth – Lady Death. Special thanks to Brian Pulido and Coffin Comics for the generosity.

Up for grabs is Lady Death Nightrider edition (cover by Michael DiPascale), serially numbered at 69/99 and signed by creator Brian Pulido. This also includes a Lady Death Metallicard (also signed) and some stickers. Continue reading

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Shirtless Bear Fighter Gets Nude Beariant Plus Three New Pages

Image Comics upcoming Shirtless Bear Fighter is reveling in the ridiculous with a Nude Bariant cover. Check out additional preview pages as well.

From writers Jody LeHeup (former editor of Uncanny X-Force, Deadpool, Quantum and Woody) and Sebastian Girner (editor of SOUTHERN BASTARDS, DEADLY CLASS, BLACK SCIENCE), newcomer artist Nil Vendrell, colorist Mike Spicer (HEAD LOPPER, MYTHIC), and letterer Dave Lanphear comes a modern tall tale for the ages. Image Comics is pleased to reveal a limited SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER #1 Nude variant (or shall we say, “beariant”?) cover. Continue reading

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Spawn #1 Directors Cut  Gets Foiled in Encore Edition

Image Comics is pleased to announce that the special SPAWN #1: DIRECTOR’S CUT EDITION by comics legend and Image Comics President, Todd McFarlane, is being fast-tracked for a special reprint.

The cover C by McFarlane will receive a foil treatment and will be rushed back to print for SPAWN #1 25TH ANNIVERSARY DIRECTOR’S CUT FOIL ENCORE EDITION in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand.
The DIRECTOR’S CUT includes the original artboards of SPAWN #1, commentary from McFarlane himself on each page, and bonus, never-before-seen art.
Continue reading

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Alana’s Weekend Specs: Thunder, Lightning and a chance of scattered villains.

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! This week Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl wrapped up their seasons, giving us hints of villains to come. Also this week casting went out for a New Mutants role that appears to be the villain. A possible Dark Phoenix villain rumor as well. But before we get into all that it’s time to talk Black Lightning and get in on a few books sooner than later in case it becomes a hit. So let’s jump in!!! Continue reading

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