Winner: Redneck #1 and God Country #1 4th Print Signed By Donny Cates Giveaway

Alright, sorry for the delay, here are the winners to last weeks Free Comic Book Wednesday which was sponsored by our own Agent Poyo and featured Redneck #1 signed by Donny Cates as well as God Country #1 4th Printing which was also signed by Donny. Two books, two winners. Continue reading

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Alana’s Weekend Spec: Calling all Bushmasters

Aloha CHUniverse, Welcome back to another edition of Weekend Specs!!! A busy couple of weeks in the comic spec world, lots of coming movie and TV news and the return to TV of many comic book shows. This week big news concerning the villain for Luke Cage’s second season and the next mutant film X-men: Dark Phoenix title was revealed. Also going to spend a little time on some Inhuman key books it’s time to stop putting off adding to your collection. Lastly some random rumors and New Warriors recent television casting, maybe even a little Teen Titans action as well. I’m glad I’m back to collecting more has happened in the way of comic specs these past weeks then I missed the whole time I was taking a break. So let’s jump in!!!

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Seven to Eternity #5 Goes Back for Second Printing (and Spawn Month Covers Available for Preorder)

Image Comics is pleased to announce that SEVEN TO ETERNITY #5 of the bestselling series written by Rick Remender, drawn by Jerome Opeña, and colored by Matt Hollingsworth has gone back to print again in order to keep up with ongoing growth in customer demand. Continue reading

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Youngblood #1 M&M Exclusive

Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood hits stores next week. Along with it, Image has allowed store variants for the first time in a long time. they have limited these to smaller print runs and single stores only, no group variants (or so they say). Needless to say, our friends at M&M Comics, who have sponsored our Free Comic Wednesdays in the past, have an exclusive variant for Youngblood #1. They will be sending us one to giveaway too, so keep an eye out for it. Continue reading

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Venom #150 Mike Perkins Ultimate Variants

With Marvel returning to their legacy numbering, especially venom hitting it’s landmark 150th issue, you had to know there would be some good looking exclusives to come along with it. Here are the Mike Perkins Venom #150 Ultimate Variants.  Continue reading

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Picks of the Week One Year Ago Today! 4/27/16

What up you CHUligans? Hope everyone had a good week. I finally had time to go to my lcs and pick up my pulls from the last 6 weeks……that was a cheap trip. Man, it is crazy how many Image books these days are immediately going up in value and I am really looking forward to seeing where they stand a year later. Anyone read Plastic yet? WOW…. that was weird……and yet I can’t wait for #2 to come out. I knew that I had a warped taste in stories but I may have found a new level.

I’ll keep the intro short this week and get right to it! Tougher week for the guys. Out of the 100’s of issues released One Year Ago Today, very few held strong for a year. Continue reading

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Revival Proof of Concept Trailer

This has been floating around for several days now, and has been mentioned before in the comments, but still thought it was worth bringing up.

Bleeding Cool had the exclusive on the story that at C2E2 a proof of concept trailer was shown in a panel and that Shatterglass Films would be producing a movie based on the Tim Seeley comic book.

The “first appearance” of Revival was in the Image Comics FCBD 2012 Teaser.
Copies of Revival #1  have sold for $15-$25. The The Sketch Variant has been in more of a demand selling for over $100 and CGC 9.8 selling for several hundred. The Phantom Variant has several sales over $25 as well. There is also a color variant and a second print to look out for. These could turn into good flips since the series has not been moving much on the secondary market until the news came out.

The trailer looks pretty good:


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Kyle Strahm Debuts Second New Series Octain Bloodstain at Planet Comic Con

Long time friend of, Kyle Strahm, will be debuting another new series that he is writing and drawing. He will have a limited edition convention teaser available at Planet Comic Con. Continue reading

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Flash #21 Spoilers 

Flash #21 is out in stores tomorrow.  Spoilers follow. They are hidden under the spoiler warnings, just click on the images. The supporting text is not spoiler hidden so please only proceed if you do not mind spoilers.  Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Forum



Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 133rd edition of the open forum! Continue reading

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