Frank Cho and Lee Bermejo Signed Book Opportunity

Baltimore Comic Con is in full force. I am out on the floor getting a bunch of comics signed. I did a signing with Lee Bermejo and another one with Frank Cho today. Details inside.  Continue reading

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Lee Bermejo Live Draws Harley Quinn at Baltimore Comic Con

One of the perks of getting in the Baltimore Comic Con early was getting in line for Lee Bermejo to get him to sign a bunch of comics. I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get him to do a commission for me. There were so many things I wanted him to do, Swamp Thing, Moon Knight, Batman, but I went with one of the most popular characters out there, Harley Quinn. Here is the 22 minute video of the entire art process sped up to just over 2 minutes.  Continue reading

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Baltimore Secret Variant: The Pro #1 Metal Cover Variant

if you want something cool and probably hasnt been talked about, and are at Baltimore Comic Con, stop by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s booth for a Pro #1 Metal Variant. Continue reading

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Baltimore Update: Quantum and Woody to launch with actual 90’s foils

Sitting at the Retailer breakfast and Valiant is on. They have a great gimmick coming up for the launch of Quantum and Woody. Not only are they launching the book with the Most Variant Cover ever, they are launching the book with actual 90’s foil.  Continue reading

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Baltimore Heads Up: Dark Ark #1 Sells Out Print Run

Sitting in the Diamond Retailers Breakfest listening to Joe Pruett give his presentation. He let it be known Dark Ark #1 has sold out. 

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Kill the Minotaur Being Adapted By Universal

Deadline is reporting that the Skybound comic series Kill the Minotaur by Chris Pasetto and Christian Cantamess has been optioned by Universal for a feature film.  Continue reading

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DC’s Damage #1 Cover By Tony Daniel Features Interesting Gimmick

I am honestly not sure if this has been done before, but Damage #1 from DC comics, out 12/20/17, has a pretty novel gimmick cover. Not foil, not hologram, not lasers, but something more simple.
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Netflix The Punisher Trailer

With news coming out that Marvel’s The Defenders was the lowest watched Marvel Netflix show yesterday, it seemed like a good time to drop the trailer for the upcoming streaming The Punisher show. Check the full trailer out below. Continue reading

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Attack of the Killer B’s: Supergirl #15 Artgerm Variant

DC has been doing a fantastic job with their cover price variant program. Putting some of the hottest artists on covers that normally would be used for much more expensive ratio variants. Artgerm’s Supergirl #15 cover is another prime example. Continue reading

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Baltimore Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives!

The Baltimore Comic-Con takes place this September 22-24, 2017 at the Baltimore Convention Center! Online ticket sales end Thursday, so make sure you have yours to avoid extra lines!

This year, the Baltimore Comic-Con is proud to bring both show exclusive cover variants and Baltimore Comic-Con merchandise to the attending public. Here are a few examples of what you’ll find: Continue reading

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