Inexpensive Signed Variant Alert: Lee Bermejo TMNT #84

Like signed Variant comics? Like them on the cheaper side? Here is one for you. Lee Bermejo did an exclusive for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #84 for More Great Art. It is limited to 1,000 copies. Continue reading

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DrunkWooky’s (Not Quite So) Unsolicitied, Unapologetic Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story

What’s up, CHU! 

It’s DrunkWooky back from his most recent Kashyykian bender, to dish out some unabashed opinion!
Now, one or two (but likely no more) of you probably asked yourselves “where has that DrunkWooky chap been!?” Well, priorities got re-prioritized. You see, the WookyWife has a WittleWooky in her belly! So, we’re expecting a bouncing bundle of roars around Life Day this December! 
Accordingly, my collecting game took a nose-dive and I am woefully out of step with the comics world in general, and barely keeping my head above water keeping up with Marvel’s Star Wars line. I hear the Marvel comics universe has rebooted twice? Sounds like a long time, but that’s only, what, like three months?
I couldn’t miss Solo, though! One or two of you also may have noticed that I abstained from opinion on The Last Jedi. It’s not that I didn’t have one. Everything positive or negative that could be said had already been said, by people with a much bigger platform than me, though. The world is such a mess right now that I decided not to wade into that internet opinion blood-bath. 
So, I was somewhat retired. Hung up my typing fingers and rested on my rather large laurels. But Anthony texted me a few nights ago and said his neighbor of his, of all people had been “dying to see what DrunkWooky thought of Solo!”
Who can argue with that? Give the fans what they want. 
Well, with the grand-standing, life updates, and administrative crap out of the way, on to the review! SPOILERS TO FOLLOW, the damn movie has been out for three and a half weeks for god’s sake. If you ain’t seen it by now, you’re renting it at Redbox.
As one final preemptive note, let me make my take on my own Star Wars fandom clear. I think people take this stuff too seriously. People boo-hooed after TLJ about Luke Skywalker’s newly revealed force projection ability, and Leia’s ability to live in the vacuum of space. Well, first of all, nobody heard about “Force Lightning” before Palpatine in ROTJ, and I bet every eighties teen said nothing except “Holy shit! Bad ass!” Second, why on earth are we setting arbitrary limits on an ostensibly all-powerful force? Where is the viewing public’s imagination? I think sometimes that people need to take a step back and realize they are in front of the screen for enjoyment and leave it at that. Now, am I blind to flaws? No. I’ll point them out when I see them. But, I’ll also enjoy a film for what it is-entertainment. Not a personal affront to my childhood. Feel free to complain in the comments. 
With that out of the way, on to my Solo Review!

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Two Image Books Coming To TV

Lost City Explorers #1 as out from Aftershock Comics by Zack Kaplan this past Wednesday. Besides being an awesome comic there was an interesting piece of spec news in it.
(Thanks to Key Collector Comics app for the heads up on this, if you haven’t downloaded the app, click the link on the side bar.)
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One Year Later: Spec Review for 6/21/17

What up CHUllectors!?! Shawn B. the One Year Later Investigator, back with another One Year Later round up, where we take a look at some of the comics that Anthony, Mel, and Poyo specced on one year ago. Their specs turn out to be quick flips, slow burns, straight up misses, straight up winners and on and on. Sometimes they spec with their hearts out of their passion for comics. Sometimes they spec based on data. And sometimes they spec based off the word on the street. Either way, all their specs appeal to a few or many collectors whether it is due to them having similar taste in writing or art, or just an opportunity for a collector to flip a book and make money to “support their habit”. So, this is our weekly chance to look back at how some of our buys from a year ago are doing today. Continue reading

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Silk Movie in Development

Variety reported that a film based of the Spiderman character “Silk” is in production. Continue reading

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Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 82

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. First off thank you. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thanks for giving a blind kid a family and a home. Your one of the greatest blessings in my life. Before we make money with comics, that spider verse trailer was #awesomesauce. The Bumble Bee trailer was decent but really, John Cena? Green Arrow Annual #2, Daredevil Marvel Knights s#111-112, Spawn #1 yes I read it again, and JLA Not Justice #1-4 are my reads of the week. Now let’s make money with comics. Continue reading

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Stranger Things Comics Available for Pre-Order

The hit Netflix show, and cultural phenomenon Stranger Things is coming to comic book form September 26, 2018. The book will be out from Dark Horse Comice and will feature four covers. It will also feature an all new story. Continue reading

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Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List for 6/19/18


The Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List is a great speculator tool. It shows what books retailers are going back to get more of, in advance of their release. They are actually putting their money up betting these books get big. These are the books people are talking about in shops, message boards, and websites. Here is the Diamond Comics Advance for 6/19/18: Continue reading

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Variant Envy: Amazing Spider-Man #1 New Mutants #98 Homage

Here is a cool cover with a very interesting story. Stadium Comics has a sweet exclusive coming out for Amazing Spider-Man #1 that is an homage to New Mutants #98. The cover is by Jamal Campbell who did a fantastic job working in Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Cat into the classic New Mutant poses. Continue reading

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THE WALKING DEAD Day will feature collectible blind bag editions of milestone issues

Image/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce that this year’s WALKING DEAD DAY, on October 13th, in celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary, will feature collectible blind bag editions of milestone issues from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s THE WALKING DEAD.

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