Think Outside the Toy Box: TV Time with Harley

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Fans of the Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures rejoice! Based on the designs of Bruce Timm, comes Batman The Animated Series New Batman Adventures Harley Quinn Action Figure. This figure has two things going for that stick out. It’s Batman the Animated Series, which by itself was awesome. Second, it’s Harley Quinn. She has her own breed of followers, guys and gals alike.
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I also love that DC Collectibles is going with the retro always popular, red and black outfit. I think retro means old, but cool. Anyway you will want to grab this one for your collection. Standing in at 6 inches the details are sure to show and there multiple point of articulation. Did I mention she comes on blister card packaging? The only thing that would make her cooler is a hyena.
Check out the full line of Batman: The Animated Series goodies below.

Harley Quinn

Batman (New Adventures)
Batmobile that fits your freaking figures!!
Man-Bat (kinda cool)
Poison Ivy
Mr Freeze

Mad Hatter

10 thoughts on “Think Outside the Toy Box: TV Time with Harley”

  1. I ordered all these AF threw previews for my wife. Such a good series bringing back the 90s cartoon that we all grew up and loved. Good spec on the AF.

  2. They are. I just got the joker last week and it was supposed to come out back in December and Harley comes out next month but we will see. Can’t wait till I get her the batmobile. It comes out in October

  3. I know what he’s talking about. Its spaced out like crazy well atleast that’s how it appears on my blackberry lol.

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