Think Outside the Toy Box: NEW Batman The Animated Series Figures, Diamond Select Gotham & Ghostbuster and more…

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There are always a crazy amount of new toys coming out. Not all appeal the the sensibility of comic and pop culture fans. Here are some new toys coming out that are worth checking out.

DC Collectibles added a new Mad Love Joker and Harley Quinn two-pack to the animated series line up. Check out what they have to say:
Love can make ya do crazy things, especially if you’ve already got a few screws loose! Gotham City’s resident lovebird-inmates, the Joker and Harley Quinn, bring mayhem into your home with this special 2-pack based on their appearances in Batman Adventures Mad Love. Including a paperback edition of Mad Love, these figures are eye-catching variants of character designs fan loved in Batman: The Animated Series! Harley Quinn measures approximately 5 1/2-inches tall, while Joker stands about 6-inches tall.
I wouldn’t pass this one up. It’s a variant of two of the most popular characters on the series, Besides batman of course. Plus, you get a paperback edition of Mad Love. The SRP on this is $39.99 and these two plan to arrive at your LCS and on shelves by Christmas.
Some new Diamond Select Action Figures went up for pre-order. The most notable ones are the TV Series Gotham and the ever-popular Ghostbusters Series. I like Select figures because you get pretty good quality for your money. The more recent figures are showing signs of improvement from their early predecessors. Also, to my knowledge, this is the first series of action figures of any kind for the Gotham TV series. Not to mention it looks like Ghostbusters is going all out. From snippet from the series description:
Each figure will also include a diorama piece. Collect all twelve figures to build the rooftop battle scene from the end of the film (sold separately)!
Get your wallets ready; you can expect both of these series to hit shelves sometime in the fourth quarter 2015 and retail around $24.99. Check out the images below of both series.
Then hot off the truck last week and a top seller on most online retailers is the Deadpool Marvel Now ArtFX+ Statue. He is a must for the desk of any work place. Not to mention the white board lets you easily express to coworkers how you are feeling that day.

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  1. Nice!!! I ordered the Mad love 2 pack figures for the wife. You can’t go bad with a classic like Mad love and you can’t beet the free paperback that comes with it. Looking forward to see the quality on these figures.

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