Think outside the toy box: Transformers Gen 1 Devastator, Play Arts Kai Venom and more.


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As summer is beginning to ramp up, so are the toy manufacturers. There are a ton of cool toys coming out and I am spotlighting some of my favorites. Some old school treats on the list this week including Transformers and Jaws (seriously cool!) Check them out:

If you are a fan of Gen 1 Transformers than you don’t want to miss out on this. Pre-orders are already going fast for this one. Devastator is a bit pricey but looks to be worth it if it holds up to the pictures. I’ll let you know when I get mine.


Play Arts Kai has put out a pretty sweet figure. It looks like you get what you pay for, as it will cost you a few dollars. Marvel Universe Venom Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure


“Heeey you Guuuyys!” Looks like Sloth shouldn’t be ignored (pre-orders of this new Funko Pop are sold out!)


Black Series Darth Vader looks to be coming back in stock in July and is always in demand. He is on the the “cut list” so there will be no more made so don’t wait on this one. Remember wave 1.

and Jaws 10 inch Reaction is back in stock. (Anthony is a big Reaction collector, send him one.)


and Legos are always hard to find…

Lego Ant-Man Final Battle.

Jurassic World Legos

And while we are on the subject of Jurassic World, everything Jurassic World is going to be hot. If you don’t need it now, get it now for the Holidays. You will thanks me later.
Jurassic World Indominus Rex HTF (Hard to Find). Trust me on this, boys love dinosaurs, and previous Jurassic Park related toys are highly sought after and can go for big bucks.

4 thoughts on “Think outside the toy box: Transformers Gen 1 Devastator, Play Arts Kai Venom and more.”

  1. I love that jaws reaction figure, I’m definitely grabbing one of those. Have any of you guys seen the glow in the dark yellow jacket pop yet? I got mine today and besides the box being dinged up as expected (thanks amazon), the pop itself is quite cool.

      1. Yeah, it looks like amazon is sold out of the ones that were going for $13.99, but they are taking back orders. If you really want one now though, there are other sellers charging around $35.

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