Leaked Star Wars Action Figures 

This kind of thing always happens before the movies come out. Pictures of the toys that will be hitting the market in advance of when they should be coming out. So here are the photos that have been circulating from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie:

Also, as an interesting side note, the origin of Kyle Ren’s name was revealed. It seems the surname “Ren” comes from a group of Vader worshipping want-to-be Sith Lords named the ‘Knights of Ren’. Kyles armor is supposed to be based off Darth Vaders and the Knights of Ren may all be wearing the same armor. Furthermore, Kyle Ren may not be a Sith Lord afterall and may just be a self-taught ‘wanna-be.’

 These are from Therpf.com

8 thoughts on “Leaked Star Wars Action Figures ”

    1. None yet. I imagine there will be a slew of movie related comics a head of release but at this point I don’t think any of them appear in comic form. Unless Kyle Ren ends up being one of Han Solo’s children as rumors have it.

  1. I remember when the first trailer came out I read a theory that kylo ren (then unnamed) was likely self taught because of the lightsaber. The cross hilt suggested a lack of finesse due to the need for the extra protection. Also, the stuttering crackling blade was a sight of poor craftsmanship, suggesting a DIY sabre.

  2. So I was trying to find comic info on some of these characters but they all seem to have a 1st appearance of the movie or on the clone wars cartoon series. Does anyone know if there is a 1st comic appearance on these characters? Thank u

  3. So they have Darth Vader and Boba Fett figures..I’m guessing Vader’s in the film via flashbacks or as a ghost type who is talking to someone, but is Boba Fett rumored to be a part of the movie? Hadn’t heard…

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