Rocket Firing Boba Fett Action Figure for sale

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One of the rarest and most valuable Star Wars figures has come up for sale on eBay. Rocket Firing Boba Fett Action Figure, a figure once believed to not exist, can be yours.

Rocket Firing Boba Fett Action Figure, which is still carded, appeared recently on the TV show Pawn Stars.
From the Auction:

I was lucky enough to recently be on the TV show Pawn Stars with this Star Wars Rocket Firing Boba Fett prototype and this is the Exact same item that I just had on the episode titled “The Pawn Awakens” that just aired on the History channel this past week. In addition, This is the Exact same item that was Featured on Page 176 of the Famous Premier Collectible Auction that took place at the 2008 Comic Con in San Diego.
This VERY RARE Original ONE OF A KIND Kenner Star Wars UNPRODUCED Prototype Carded Rocket Firing Boba Fett Toy Fair Action Figure has been in my collection for many years. This item comes Complete with Many Signed Certificate of Authenticity COA’S (Including a Letter from Tom Derby)

The auction for the Rocket Firing Boba Fett Action Figure starts at $150,000. No bidders currently.

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  1. It seems crazy to a lot of people, even comic people, that individual comic books (like Action 1) have sold for millions of dollars. Indeed that amount of money seems mind-boggling but considering the scarcity, historical value, artwork and story, etc., I can appreciate a comic being worth that much.
    But as much as I love Star Wars and think Boba Fett and OG action figures are super cool, I have to admit that when I looked at the pictures of this little plastic doll and thought about someone paying 150k for it, it all felt a little….eh, well, I dunno…dumb?

    1. And I know I’m probably gonna hear it for this comment. I suppose one could make the argument that a lot of things my fellow nerds and I value are “dumb”. But this one was just a little much for me.

      1. Snackbar, I don’t think it is dumb, I think it is an investment that will go up in time. No way would that go on display in my office by the way.
        On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 12:17 AM, COMICSHEATINGUP.NET wrote:

  2. No, I know. The investment wouldn’t be dumb. I was just venting my own insecurities. By “dumb” I just meant that sometimes I’m looking at a comic or collectible I spent a lot of money on and I have a little moment where it all feels a bit silly. And seeing those pictures of the Boba Fett figure with the $150,000 price tag next to it gave me one of those moments.

    1. It is silly.. I know what your saying. These inanimate objects that cost so much money. But then I think to myself.. well, even our monetary system is fiat, it’s all make belief when you break it down. Our whole economy is just driven by things that are not even necessary to live. We need food, water and shelter.. that’s it when it comes to life.
      I’d love to have this Boba Fett but I wouldn’t spend 150k for it either.

  3. I am with u on this one Admiral. I think a price tag that big for a toy is to much. Not even my wife that collects action figures would pay that much lol. I will give u an example; we went to the swampmeet this passed weekend and someone had a Princess Leia with the slave costume and he wanted $400 for it. The manufacturing date was 2011 I told him to drop down the price since my wife wanted it, but he refused. Our lost or his, but we went home empty handed. I would of rather spent that money on a comic lol.

    1. The problem I have with high starting prices is, it’s the seller trying to set the value and not the actual market. A true value would be if they started it at original cost and let actual demand set the price which is a true reflection of actual worth and value.

        1. Oh yeah, if someone willing to pay that amount, all power to him. I just don’t think it sets an actual true value driven by demand though. That’s what I’m trying to say. 🙂

      1. Assuming he wants 150K and he’s willing to let the market bid it up from there. I don’t watch Pawn Stars since I found out it was all faked but I’d be curious to watch this episode just to see the background they give on it.

        1. If I watch Pawn Stars, I only watch to see the stuff that comes in. Other than that, yeah, it’s all scripted and fake for the most part just like all “reality” TV.

      2. I’ve always hated “reality” shows because I knew they were all faked….For some reason I bit on Pawn Stars. My wife got me hooked on it. I was fascinated by all of the stuff that came through and they hilarious haggling….but then found out I had been had. I’m still not over it lol.

        1. If I want some mindless entertainment, I usually just find either Big Bang Theory, Simpsons or Law & Order episodes on tv. Other than that, I’m reading or just going to sleep.
          I did like Storage Wars for the entertainment portion of it, but I knew most of it was fake or scripted.

        2. I also like the show for the stuff and not for the casting. My cousin is a toy dealer and he was contacted by Comic Book Men to be on the show and sell a Godzilla Shogun Warriors toy. They tried to haggle the price of the toy in advance so you know what you are getting (the range) then the guys try to go lower but within budget. You can change your mind of course but by then you already made the trip there. Needless to say the price they offered was way too low for the toy.

  4. It’s all about the rarity of it guys. This is incredibly rare. I’m also a toy collector and I am a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve heard of this toy and in 30 years I’ve only ever heard of it and never actually seen it. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. No matter what the item is, comic, toy, record…any collectible….if it’s rare, it will demand high premium. And let me tell you, if I had millions I would bid on this in a heartbeat.

  5. Yeah, you know, or a house….
    You could buy a cheap house. You know. To live in.
    I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but no way. It does belong in a museum and a museum is the most likely purchaser. Probably Disney will buy it for their private collection.

    1. I live in the Baltimore Washington corridor, the most expensive area around us, no way we could buy a house for that price. Not even a condo. Yikes insane prices. Of course this figure is not meant for you or me. This is one of those crazy pieces that will end up being bought by George Lucas himself, if he doesn’t already own one, or someone of his caliber.
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      1. True, Tony. It could at least be a down payment, though. Haha. I work in commercial real estate transactions and $150,000 is an acceptable down payment on a lot of multi-million dollar tracts of property.
        I’m just saying: my envy of that skinny nerd from Pawn Stars is crazy high, but I’d think twice, thrice, four times about buying it even if I had that type of liquid cash. Haha.
        I’m happy with my JTC SW4 Boba variant.

      2. I think most serious buyers with this type of money don’t buy off eBay. I certainly wouldn’t. I go with the real auction houses if I was a million dollar collector of such things.

    2. Disney is owned by ABC and ABC is horribly cheap. I’m tired of hearing the wife complain about how cheap ABC is while she worked on American Crime that just wrapped up season 2 this past year and I think just aired.
      So I’m pretty sure Disney would not buy this for that price, they’d ask that it’s donated or something. 😉

      1. Lol. Probably. Speaking of shows, my brother Ben (has been on Veep for a while until they packed up and moved) recently made his BET debut on Criminals at Work. It just aired the other night and is probably on demand. Check it out and see if you can pick out who he is.
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    3. You can say that about a lot of stuff though. We’ve all splurged on something that the next guy would call us crazy for. Money is relative to your situation. $150K to one guy is $150 to someone else.

      1. For sure; it’s all subjective. I knew I was instigating a debate with no answer. This particular toy merely served to illuminate for me my own threshold for what feels ridiculous.

    4. Trust me, I think it’s ridiculous. But I’m not a toy guy and I wouldn’t pay $25 for this (outside of possible investment opportunities of course). But I see the appeal for the right person and I’m sure there are plenty of things I’d deem worth $150K that someone would call me crazy for.

        1. That’s why I said with the exception of an investment opportunity. I’d buy it for quite a bit more if I thought I could get a 150K for it. Then Like you said…id be like Demi Moore from indecent proposal.

  6. OMG 150k!!!!… the part i’m confused about is this is apparently a one of a kind?.. but on ‘Toy Hunter’ there was a ( loose ) rocket firing Boba Fett just being kept in a box by a store owner. Jordan had it checked out which turned out to be genuine, and Jordan brokered it for the owner for around 15k if I remember right, the owner also said there were 3 of them that were made

  7. No matter how much money I have I can’t see myself buying it for that price. More power to anybody who does get it, good for them.

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