Variant Envy: Power Ranger's 0 cover gallery

power rangers
Coming next week, January 13th, will be an all new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers book. Coming later will be an All New Power Rangers Movie, in 2017. Mighty Morphing Power Rangers 0 comes with five different regular cover variants. One for each of the following rangers, Red, Pink, Blue, Black, and Yellow. In addition to the regular covers, there will be some hard to find variants to come out as well. January 13th is also the day Walking Dead 150 comes out, in the hunt for the Black and White variant, people may gloss over another money making opportunity.

power rangers
The regular color covers (a-e) are also joined by two incentive covers.
First up is the 1:50 Green Ranger Variant
The 1:50 Green Ranger Variant is being listed for $55-90 already on eBay.
There is also a 1:100 White Ranger Variant.
The 1:100 Whte Ranger Variant is being listed at $145 to $199 on eBay currently.
The one not currently getting listed, and according to IGN, may be even more rare, is the ComicPro Red Ranger with Dragon Shield Variant.
The only way to get this book is if your retailer is a member of ComicsPro, and they decide to sell the copy they were given. I have a feeling that some retailers may let these go, and if they are more focused on the big money that WD 150 B&W could bring, they may be less focused on this one.

9 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Power Ranger's 0 cover gallery”

  1. Be careful in pre ordering the 1:100 or 1:50 variants, as there is no guarantee that a retailer will get them. According to my LCS, it’s not “order 50 get one of these” it’s “these come in about 1 in every 50 that are shipped.” So, technically, a shop could order 6 #0s, and they could get a 1:50 or 1:100.

  2. I ordered the white ranger threw my comic store and also the pink ranger lol. Just hope I get them at the price I was originally quoted. Or else I am going to have the same problems as I had with the CHEW boardgame comic signed cover. Hope not lol

      1. Wish I had jumped on my own advice. Woof, prices are getting crazy on the bay. Really would like a greeen and white couple, especially since I am going to ECCC again this year and “Tommy” will be there in all his tattooed, mma glory.

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