Variant Envy: Escape From Monster Island #1 Cosplay Variant

I know there is a big market for them, but I usually stay away from Zenescope books. Just not interested. I was surprised this week when I picked up Escape from Monster Island #1 and flipped through it. It looked good enough and was horror related so I picked up a copy. I was surprised that the story was good, as was the art, but was really surprised that it was a Zenescope book. Knowing that they usually have low print run numbers I looked at what other covers were out there and came across the Cosplay Variant. Check it out:
I can really see a market for the Escape From Monster Island Cosplay Variant as it features a sexy female Boba Fett character, is completely unlicensed (I would imagine) and is limited to 350 copies.
boba fett.
Real Crossover potential there

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  1. Thanks to Terry Hoknes I jumped on this one. This is indeed a Big Fun title from Zenescope. Solid story, mixing elements of Escape From New York with Aliens, great artwork & a real grab the attention comic book that genuinely has me looking forward to Issue #2. Love that huge layout final page panel setting up the huge scale of a Monster problem for the elite team to deal with.
    I bagged one of the super sexy Boba Fett very ltd edition Cosplay editions as well, but hasn’t that art work been used already on another Zenescope title ? Anyone ?.

  2. I bought it. Good tip thanks guys Steal of a deal right now, could imagine someone buying up all the copies online and owning a third of these covers. Making it even more special to have a copy.

  3. I pre-order my Zenescope books since they aren’t sold at my local shop; and it tends to be a pain trying to get the Cover I want online, with so few copies available. I like the Horror side of Zenescope, so I did pre-order Escape From Monster Island, but didn’t see this cover as an option at the time.
    If you like Horror, you should check out the earlier Wonderland titles from Zenescope. Return To Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland, and Beyond Wonderland. That is what got me into Zenescope. I am a fan of Alice in Wonderland, but also really liked the freaky, twisted, horror elements they added to the story. It was really unique. Now that Wonderland is an ongoing series, they’ve continued to downplay the horror elements and instead have turned it into a Sword & Sorcery type book.
    Grimm Tales Of Terror is okay, but while they tend to have some freaky moments and interesting plots, the endings are usually a “fail”. They are book-ended by present tense stories of GFT’s Reaper character, and it is set up as though the story she is recounting is meant to be a lesson/analogy to the present tense situation she is in, but most of the time it doesn’t really line up well, or just ends abruptly.

    1. Which cover of Escape From Monster Island did you go for ? They are all attention grabbing, and the advance preview covers of Issues #2 & #3 look great as well. I went for the Cover A of Issue #1. Love the elite team coming in by dinghy toward the fortified island prison with the Cloverfield like monster presence. A great start for this comic book.

  4. So I’ve noticed that there is now 1 auction listing left for this book with 4 days to go…. Just a heads up – Midtown has this listed as a preorder for a 2-17 release date at about 25-26 bucks. Who knows how many they have, but that auction looks like it’s probably going to pass over that price pretty soon. Might want to hit up midtown if you haven’t grabbed this one yet.

    1. I actually know the seller of the one auction. He is a guy who I have bought many comics from, Empyrecomics. He is a good seller and would not take a cash offer on the book even before it had a bid. Those who got in cheap on this book should be happy, I am.

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