How to definitively find Madcap in the Funko Pop Mystery Boxes

Hot Topic released the second series of Funko Pop Deadpool Mystery boxes. If you are like me, and most people I have heard from, you got mostly Stingray and Slapsticks. Here is how to definitively find Madcap’s every time without having to compare weights.
There is a Madcap regular and the exclusive chase figure which is selling for $75 on eBay. While I can’t tell you how to get that one, I can narrow down the process to get a Madcap every time and hopefully the chase figure. 

It is a pretty simple process of just feeling the boxes. Check it out. 

9 thoughts on “How to definitively find Madcap in the Funko Pop Mystery Boxes”

  1. Thanks makes me feel more cheated out of $100 today by Hot topic, lol but someone did buy a escape from monster island variant from me today that softens the blow. Also the non Madcaps are at least selling for what they cost to buy on eBay. So easy come easy go.

  2. I was at Hot Topic yesterday. They didn’t have them and they had no idea what I was talking about when I asked. Same thing with their exclusive comics. I guess my area Hot Topic sucks

  3. The chase ones have a strong paint smell. I got 4 and they all smelled like lacquer. When I picked the heaviest ones ,which were madcaps, I smelled the boxes and knew which ones were chases. IF they have any chases left in your store, you will be able to sniff them out , literally.

    1. There was only 1 Madcap left out of the 70 or so mystery boxes left. I did try to smell for the lacquer but as you see it was not meant to be.

  4. The Hot Topic I went to had all of the mystery boxes behind the counter, so the cash register girl picked them out for me. I bought 3. I figured, if it’s not in three, then it’s not meant to be. The first box I opened was the Madcap metallic chase, the other two were Stingray. After opening them, I too noticed the weight difference. I guess I was just lucky and the Hot Topic girl had the magic hand. She had told me that out of the 5 customers who had bought from her, 4 of them got the metallic chase and one of the customers even got 2. Go figure!

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