Weekend Wrap Up: Hawk and Hawkeye

Some weekends it is just hard to keep up with everything. Here are a couple of bits of news that came out over the weekend Movie related, worth knowing about.
Rumor has it that Hawkeye will suffer a family tragedy and switch ID’s to Ronin. Ronin first appears in New Avengers #11. However, the first Ronin was Maya Lopez. But, in true Marvel first appearance fashion, Ronin had a cover appearance on New Avengers #4. Clint Barton down’t become Ronin until New Avengers #27.
Speaking of Hawks, Titans cast it’s own Hawk,¬†played by Alan Ritchson. The original Hawk and Dove team first appears in Showcase #75. Dawn Granger Dove first appears in Hawk and Dove #1 (1998).

In a totally unrelated story, Captain Phasma #1 has the first appearance of the Droid BB-9E, touted as BB-8’s evil twin.

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  1. Ronin isn’t fully revealed to be Clint Barton until New Avengers 30, this is what CGC has labeled. New Avengers 27 is technically the 1st chronological appearance of Barton as Ronin, but I think #30 will be the more collected one because it’s when he is actually revealed as Barton/Ronin

      1. @Enrique, the original post says the 1st Ronin was Maya Lopez, but since this news is related Hawkeye and Clint Barton becoming Ronin in the movie, the issue to get would be New Avengers 27 AND New Avengers 30. CGC lists NA 30 as the 1st time Barton is revealed as Ronin, and 27 is technically the 1st appearance of the actual character of Barton as Ronin without being revealed. Even though New Avengers 11 isn’t Barton, it will still have collector appeal since its the 1st appearance of the character Ronin and the costume.

  2. Also, i’d stay away from the New Avengers 4 variant unless it can be had for cheap, as we saw with Gwen Poole, the market pays a lot more for the actual 1st appearance than they do of a random cover variant.

    1. Absolutely. But was pointing out a bit of the absurdity of a Marvel first appearance. The cover shows Robin, then actually appears in the book and then later turns into the character everyone assumed it was.

      1. Oh wow so Ronin actually appears inside of the book? Yeah I will never understand how 1st appearances are defined then. If there was a set standard, then ok, but it seems the definition of cameo vs 1st appearance changes with almost every character.

      1. I also noticed an appearance of Ronin in What If: Civil War #1 could this be Clint? If so would it fall under first appearance?

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