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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 210th edition of the open forum!
Anyone else watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

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  1. OK, this has been brought up before. Alana did a write up on it as well, but there is more talk on the Eternals movie as of late. Rumors that the Eternals film franchise will start off millions of years in the past. Would that be the entire movie or just a part of it? Who knows, but if an entire movie is made about how the Eternals and Deviants came to be that would mean one thing, Celestials. Lots and lots of screen time potentially going to Celestials. Again, “if” these new rumors are accurate. With that, Eternals #1 may be the big gun but it doesn’t mean it will be the only winner! There are big time Celestial first appearances throughout the 1970’s series. Probably half of the 19 issues have a Celestial first appearance. A lot of those can still be found pretty cheap. Even in high grade. Just sayin.

    1. Skrulls are technically a race of deviants, I think that’s how everything is going to tie together also I believe Asgard would be around at that time period too. So even if it’s in the past there’s a lot to pull from.

      1. I’ve heard that a prequel to Thor Ragnarok without Thor maybe in the works. Contest of Champions With Grandmaster and the Collector on Sakaar. From the tower in Thor Ragnarok that could mean Beta Ray, Manthing, Ares, that two faced guy could be a part of the film. At least one of them.

      1. They may or they may not be true. As fun as it would be I’m not too sure about that per-Ragnorock film, but who knows. I would give that one pretty small odds. For the Eternals, there have been more than a few articles written on an Eternals film with a setting taking place, at least partially, millions of years in the past. No one will know for sure until it is confirmed by studios, but with Marvel seemingly going cosmic getting first appearances of Celestials, especially cheap ones is not a bad idea. Worst case scenario, you wind up with some pretty cool bronze age books that didn’t set you back a whole lot.

  2. Sold Invincible Iron Man #10 2nd print for $80, 1st print for $30 and non-secret variant for $40.
    Picked up Eternals #1-3 for $50 total, 2 copies of ASM #361 for $35 each.
    Zilla for the win.

    1. Nice! I sold one of my Iron Man #10 second prints just as the news broke and before the undercutters put theirs out for sale. Was a good feeling! Even now, months after the Eternals movie rumors started hitting it is still worth while to pick up those books.

      1. I forever will shun 2nd prints no matter how much money it has cost me choosing 1st prints over second prints. Reprint of a first appearance has a latter print date and therefore not a first appearance. In some cases a 2nd print book isn’t even the second, third, fourth appearance of that new character.

      2. I agree 100% with Alana. I don’t understand the love for 2nd prints, for exactly the reasons noted. I despise even calling them variants. I see a bit of appeal for 2nd appearances with a first cover appearance, but I think that is both rare and overblown.

      3. 2nd prints with a different cover that feature a new character prominently is money in the bank. Buy low, sell high, buy better books for the PC

      4. If a 1st Print is hot, generally, a 2nd print still has a lower print run .. so the scarcity of the 2nd print can make it worthwhile .. same concept on Newsstand editions printed during the cusp of the Direct Market taking over .. just less of them ..

  3. Very light week for me for pick ups.
    In my pull box tomorrow are:
    Ice Cream Man #8 (variant cover)
    Witching Hour (Frison variant)
    Was able to get a run of Dark Reign Invincible Iron Man #8-#19 for $35. Inside was the non secret variant for #10 and also #11 2nd print variant. Also found a Return of Wolverine #1 2nd print error for cover.
    Good hunting everyone!

  4. Winter Soldier and Falcon getting a probably one season show together on Disney streaming. Could it be the fight for the shield?

    1. I grabbed a Capt America #25 McNiven variant for $7 just in case Marvel decides to go with Falcon to be the new Cap in the movies. Sitting on a high grade Cap #6 Winter Soldier variant as well, got all the bases covered.
      Trying to figure out where Marvel is going with main movie characters does make the hunting fun but they’re so tight lipped compared to DC and the DC movie spec window is super small because the movies are garbage, especially compared to MCU.
      Maybe Gunn doing Suicide Squad 2 will change that a little bit and inject some heat into DC bronze age D-list characters 1st appearances like Ragman, Shade and Omac. Just examples of series that I liked, I haven’t heard any rumors. Wanna make that clear

  5. captain America #34 is a safe bet. don’t forget that cap #25 the death has a wizard world la cover and the #25 with falcon has a hip hop cover . picking up Harley quinn #42s for $10 web of spiderman #18 first venom for $10 heroes in crisis #2 batman #497 variant ice cream #8 clown variant and some other books love you all blind adam out

  6. Picking up:
    Batman/Maxx 2
    Invader Zim 36
    Rick & Morty 43
    Picked up at a used library book sale for $1:
    Batman 608 (Jim Lee)
    Brave & Bold 197 (1983 marriage to Catwoman story)
    Venom Space Knight 11 & 12
    Batman 686 & Detective 853 (Neil Gaiman)
    Same library sale for $2:
    Rose tpb (Bone story from Smith and Vess)
    Penny Century & The Education of Hopey Glass Love & Rocket trades

  7. Im in love, everybody. Ive discovered the ComicProLine 56 pt. backer board. Omg, they make every comic feel like its worth a million bucks. Im spending my day today going through my spec and PC boxes and putting all my 1sts and keys in a 6 7/8” resealable bag with a 56 pt. backer board. I already have one short box filled. It looks absolutely gorgeous. So uniform. Crisp. Clean. (Insert fist pump here)

    1. Heres a rarer modern I found in my spec box that I wanted to share. Its a NM (i’d say 9.4-9.6ish) copy of the Maximum Carnage book that came with the Acclaim video game back in ‘94 (i think). I found thos for $8 about 2 years ago.

  8. Today I picked up:
    1. Icecream man 8 B cover
    2. Justice league dark/ wonder woman
    3. Batman and the maxx keith joker cover
    4. Spider force 1
    Looked at 3 shops b4 i found the lone icecream man B variant. Very creepy and disturbing lol

  9. Today’s haul:
    New Releases:
    Ice Cream Man 8B
    Riptide 3
    Old Man Logan 50
    Daredevil 610
    Back issues:
    Harley Quinn 42 (cover Ax4, cover Bx3), all at cover.
    Fantastic Four Annual 6 G/VG, $30 (hoping to flip for double)

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