New Comic Spec Review Video for 11/28/18

Anthony from talks about the week’s hot new release comics. Here is this week’s for delivery 11/28/18

22 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 11/28/18”

  1. So I haven’t opened any of my comic purchases for a few months was waiting on getting a box but decided to shove them all in a half empty CGC box. To my delight one of the extra copies of The Invincible Ironman #10 I purchased was a 2nd print, cha ching.

    1. How on Earth do you receive a comic order, and not open it when it arrives? That is some serious faith youre putting in the hands of random internet sellers, Alana. You’re lucky you got a 2nd print and not an empty box with no recourse.

  2. I’m just not feeling that Hans variant for Iron Heart. something just doesn’t sit right with it for me. Something with the face just doesn’t look right.
    I’m digging the Kyle Hotz variant for Daredevil. Love the all white with the skeleton of Daredevil.

    1. Ah no. If you read the fine print we are waive all liability for damage to phones dropped in sinks, toilets, or out car windows when you are watching the video. (Hopefully the phone is ok)

    1. I can not confirm. But JSC is one of the laziest artists these days, and it would not surprise me one bit if it was recycled art on ASM10.

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