20 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman Damned #2 Channeling The Killing Joke”

  1. Yeah, I believe Harley was probably topless in the original art after reading the scene in
    it’s entirety. Still pretty messed up scene, though, and good overall read.

    1. I was wondering the same thing, but then decided I’ll just look at the book tomorrow. I have one on order (Harley cover), but will keep an eye on the lee cover in case it defies reality and common sense and pops.

    2. From the finished art it looked like no rape. Knowing the story behind the book and how they had to edit it (plus the dialogue), I initially think it was meant to be one.

    3. If it was edited, then he wasn’t. I don’t think DC would have gone so far either but I do believe they likely edited some story (well, words said) and of course removed the nudity.

      1. It leaves things to the imagination. There is clearly rape imagery being used and the fact she drugged him and then rode him with her shirt open would at least be sexual assault. Wondering if the bigger news sites picks up on it or let’s it slide

        1. I don’t buy it though.. if Batman’s suit can be that easily penetrated by a small needle to get drugged, he would have been vulnerable long ago. 😉

  2. I don’t like it. What’s the use of having a mature label line and editing it. I’m out on Black Label. I only wish I didn’t already pre-order this issue.

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