Spoilers: Green Lantern #3 Your Weekly WTF Moment

Green Lantern #3 is in stores tomorrow. It seriously has some WTF moments. 

Last issue, we found the earth was missing. seems it is par of a galactic auction.

Ten Thousand Jilli-stellars you say, Good price….. I guess.

Time for The Shepard (the God looking guy) checks out his purchase when….

And being the galactic cop he….

No arrest goes down easily, so GL…

With this wrapped up, its time to confront the auctioneer.

And the answer to the question.

If the giant boxing glove punching God in the face wasn’t enough, Green Lantern goes and does this.

And asks a question of his own

And the justification….

Not quite Hal…. Not quite…

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  1. Haven’t been reading this but that doesn’t seem like Hal to me. Why does every new writer have to disregard the established character when they take over?

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