6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman Who Laughs #4 Jokers End Game”

  1. Nice way to generate more clicks on your site. Guess I’m done reading these if it’s like a buzzfeed article now.

    1. It does create more clicks within the article instead of linking directly to the image in browser load but the real and overall intention behind the change was to make it a cleaner way to view the spoiler images without them exposed to everyone who might not want to view the spoilers. It’s still the same amount of clicks.

      We looked into a popup gallery type of plugin but those are usually frowned upon as well and the plugins usually eat a lot more backend resources to load.

      I think we’ve had more people say they love the new style than those who say they don’t. Thanks for the feedback though.

    2. Sorry to hear that Cody. Honestly it’s about as much effort as having to click on the image link and then back and click on the next image link and back. It’s not about traffic about ease-of-use more than anything. I’m not seeing a huge uptick in traffic because to be honest it’s getting as many clicks as the old way.

      1. It’s actually getting less. Click on spoiler image, opens new image, click back, scroll down, click spoiler image, click back, scroll down to next one.. the new way is, click, view, click, view, click, view.. 😉

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