18 thoughts on “Spoilers: Detective #1001 First Full Arkham Knight?”

  1. It’s all there except for the ID… I’d still say 1st full though. Btw spoilers are much easier to follow, I like the change.

  2. Pretty easy first full after dialogue, fight scene with Batman where he uses his shield, and final page with action pose.

      1. Understood. What I really mean is 1001A is slabworthy (best cover) plus part of interior story. In a tie between Cameo or full, it’s the cover that’s the tie breaker usually.

    1. Yup… Name is on the cover… Hes on the cover. Hes in multiple panes, theres dialogue…. There shouldnt even be any debate its a first full unless we conclude the Arkham Knight #1 from 2015 is still the first appearance….

  3. I think all this cameo vs first appearance is stupid. By definition, a cameo IS a first appearance. You can’t cameo without appearing.

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