37 thoughts on “Spoilers: Immortal Hulk #17, To Make an Abomination”

  1. What happen to the original Abomination shouldn’t he be immortal like all the other gammafied people. I don’t know what there is to hold on to you can get Abominations first appearance from 1967 for $20 even after being in two movies.

  2. I’m thinking it’s another “mash-up” of old characters to make a new one? Like red harpy? So there’s really no past books to spec on here.

    No guarantee issue 18 will be the first full appearance, but we know Immortal hulk 19 will be the first cover appearance. My money is on that issue.

      1. This is A-Bomb-i-Nation as it was referred to further down. It’s a mash up of Rick Jones body and Abomination “Gamma Activated Tissue recovered from the corpse of Emil Blonsky.”

        That makes it a new Abomination. Emil Blonskys corpse is still somewhere else. See the next to last story page, bottom panels for reference.

    1. Better still, The Immortal GloFish.

      Already engineered to glow, now they will never die. No more flushing dead fish down the drain while teary-eyed kids watch and demand another one.

      Experience the glow! Forever!!

    2. What if they’re cod or salmon…and one of the staff brings them home then decides to release it into the habitat?

      Oh the poor old man who tries to fillet one of those things…

    1. That’s my thinking. It’s built on Rick Jones body. Next thing you know we’ll have LeaderBolt Ross!!!!!!!

      1. Seems to be the ongoing theme. Take things from the past and mash them together into something new. It’s only a matter of time before they dig General roos and the Leader. Red Leaders been done so LeaderBolt Ross will have to do.

        Is anyone playing name that head in the spread? what is that, 6 heads with a little Bi-beast thrown in?

    1. No. It is usually better to know where books are in case they pop rather than going heavy and getting stuck. I may grab a few extras. Next couple of issues will be hit with store variants. So that will drive up the print run.

      1. Stick with cover A….I personally think the immortal hulk spec value has now past except for references to older hulk characters. Enjoy the read from here.

  3. I sure enjoy this site & everyone in it. Truly makes me enjoy this even more!

    Gang, do what you have to in order to get a copy of Naomi 5. I know it has caught on/run at this point is already higher print..but #5….Boom. Don’t take a chance on not getting a copy. I seldom do the “as many as I can”…im all in this round.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to be too hard to get and even if you do miss out, I’m sure the 2nd printing will be out next week.. along with the 3rd print already being printed as we speak. 😉

  4. Have an extra set of Tales to Astonish 90 &91 that I have been holding on to in case they did something with the Abomination again. Will let immortal/new Abomination news stew for a while and when issue 19 hits, sell it. Unless prices take a really big spike in the next day or two.

  5. Very much hoping they do something With Ross/Red Hulk soon. I have too many #1’s. Bought a bunch of those when it first came out…Variants and all. Would really enjoy seeing a spike on them so I can unload a bit… Yeah, for the greed of it!

    1. Keep in mind the writers only about halfway thru the 2nd arc of a 4 arc story. It’s only a matter of time before he drags parts of Ross out of the grave to mix with Leader.

  6. Immortal Hulk now has a whole store window to himself just in time for the street festival out front Saturday.

  7. I’d be happy if the close proximity to the gamma irradiated breath at least gets me some Immortal Petunias that’ll survive the summer heat.

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