19 thoughts on “Spoilers: Guardians of the Galaxy #5, Thanos Revealed”

  1. Nice. As iron 55 is already a key maybe the reveal issue get some traction. The retailer Summit variant would probably be the way to go here then.

      1. Interesting… would the panel where he dug into Thanos’ old body after he died be the first appearance of new Thanos? Assuming the transition into the new body was instant… forgot what issue that was in though.

            1. Yes. She talks about the plan and how she has been late completing it. Eros tried to fight the transformation and transforms. He has been in a wheel chair but walks again.

  2. I called this in issue 1. I figured it was him or Rocket. I like this series a lot. I hope Cates stays on it. Marvels does not have a lot of great books. Venom Immortal Hulk and this one are the only ones worth reading.

    1. I kind of agree. Not entirely dumb for me but it’s not Thanos. Just like when Doc Oct was in Peter’s body.. he wasn’t Peter Parker nor Spider-Man.

  3. Sometimes weird things stand out.
    In my mind outshining everything is the depiction of maybe 6 Propane tanks that on quick glance appeared to be running a gasoline powered generator. On closer look the cables running up to the propane or natural gas tanks don’t appear to be directly hooked up. The generator itself still appears to have a red gas tank on top to gravity feed the fuel to the generator. Next thought is maybe they’re empty propane tanks but based on the explosion later on that can’t be the case. I just saw one on the news take out a truck in a drive thru a couple weeks ago. That brings me to the next thought train of why anyone would store explosive propane next a generator that runs incredibly hot while operating? That can’t be safe. All my generators have tended to shake and wiggle around over time while running. Did anything else happen in the comic? The art has distracted me.

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