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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 238th edition of the open forum!

The testing for the forum is going great. We are working out some of the kinks and will be rolling it out soon. I cannot wait.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

49 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

    1. Thanks for the plug, only 200 print run. When these are gone thry are gone. Just before the retail release from Antarctic Press in June.

    1. Rescue has a Legends figure solicited as part of the Avengers Build a Figure Hulk set and offered in individual cases of 8 Monday.

  1. RIP Tim Conway. Movies with Him and Don Knotts were some of my favorites growing up…Private Eyes, Apple Dumpling Gang…to name a few.

        1. It’s out for now at Diamond but they may get a few more copies in. I read all the WOR comics last night and the only thing that stood out was with the Spider-man and Giant Man issues it appears the war appears to be straying into the realm of comedy. I felt like those two took the edge off a bit and made the event feel less important. Tons of copies on E-Bay right now with most at cover price so there doesn’t appear to be a run on them or something big I missed.

      1. I read the two issues with Venom backwards yesterday. Apparently you need to read the main series #4 after the Strikeforce issue. Venom 14’s next week so we can find out what Savage Venom is up to. It looks like it’ll be issue #5 at the earliest to find out what happened to Ball of Goo Original Venom as he was getting tamed by Maleketh last we saw in 4. It almost looks like Goonom was attached to a dagger before he tossed it into Freyja.

  2. is anyone here going to east coast comiccon?if so I wills ee you far I am picking up crisis #8 and getting it signed by wolfman&pereze and tyhen john whestley ship.cann’t wait for the c.w. in the fall.still recovering from bells paulcey.and I will be launching something soon.also picking up thanos 14 5th print &silver surfer #50 2nd&3rd for $12. and the betty&veronica meet vampi&red Sonja #1 mega conv ariant . love ya all blind adam out

  3. I recently started reading the Hunted story arc in ASM. When I got to issue 17.HU, I noticed it was missing from my reading pile. So, i have spent the last week trying to track it down. Every shop had 16.HU and 18.HU but no 17.HU. And then today I asked a shop if they could back order it. Turns out, there is no 17.HU issue. WTF, Marvel. Why the f*ck is there a 16.HU and an 18.HU, but no 17.HU. How incredibly stupid can you make your numbering? If Spidey wasnt my favourite character, I would drop this title just for this f*cked up numbering. Jesus Murphy. Rant over.

    1. No– other than Lang and Josten, we have seen Tom Foster before (BP 23, 2007) and Raz Malhotra in the Antman Annual 1 and then powered up in Ultimates, v2, 3. Overall weak spec weak but some decent reads.

      1. I’ve been wanting a Giant-Man series for years. This was comedy and feels like it took away from the event instead of adding to it. Isn’t Atlas also supposed to Wonder Man level powered up as the former Power man so he should have been able to wipe all the frost giants even if he was less than 65 feet tall at the time. They’re trying to portray the 4 as equals when it’s 3 normals and a super all growing which should leave the same discrepancy in strength at all equal sizes. Just for picky reasons, if there’s 4 it should have been named Giant Men.

  4. DC gives a reason to order extra heavy on 4 comics.
    ISSUES #1 AND #2 NOW
    This June, it’s the Man of Steel’s origin as you’ve never seen it before in SUPERMAN YEAR ONE #1, the new DC Black Label miniseries written by Frank Miller with art by John Romita Jr. and Danny Miki!
    You can download an advance PDF of SUPERMAN YEAR ONE #1 HERE — and you can also download an early, black and white look at issue #2 HERE!
    To kick off this highly anticipated new miniseries, DC offers 100% returnability on issue #1 at a later date with your qualifying order!
    SUPERMAN YEAR ONE #1 is available with a cover by John Romita Jr. and Danny Miki under item code APR190432 and a cover by Frank Miller under item code APR190433.
    Retailers whose combined orders on both covers for this issue ( APR190432 – APR190433) match or exceed their orders on THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 ( OCT180464) will be eligible to make full copy returns at a later date.
    From the burning world of Krypton to the bucolic fields of Kansas, the first chapter of SUPERMAN YEAR ONE tracks Clark Kent’s youth in Kansas, as he comes to terms with his strange powers and struggles to find his place in our world. DC BLACK LABEL is proud to present the definitive origin of Superman as rendered by the legendary comics creators Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.!
    This series is now rated T+.
    SUPERMAN YEAR ONE #1 is on FOC on May 20 with an on-sale date of June 19.
    Watch for information on returnability for SUPERMAN YEAR ONE #2 coming soon!
    Spinning out of the pages of ACTION COMICS, EVENT LEVIATHAN is set to hit stores in June, courtesy of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev!
    Now, download an advance copy of issue #1 HERE.
    To kick off this universe-shaking new miniseries, DC offers 100% returnability at a later date with your qualifying order!
    EVENT LEVIATHAN #1 is available with a main cover by Alex Maleev (APR190430) and a variant cover by Kenneth Rocafort (APR190431).
    Retailers whose combined orders on both covers for this issue ( APR190430 – APR190 431 ) match or exceed their orders on BATMAN DAMNED #2 ( SEP180424 ) will be eligible to make stripped cover returns at a later date.
    The inventive team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev (Jinxworld’s SCARLET, Marvel’s Daredevil) reunite on a mystery thriller that stretches across the DC Universe and touches every character from Batman to Superman to the Question to Talia al Ghul. With startling ease, a newly dangerous and aggressive Leviathan wipes out all its competition and now turns its sights to molding the world into its vision of order. Can the new threat’s growth be stopped…and who’s guiding its new agents of chaos?
    EVENT LEVIATHAN #1 is on FOC on May 20 with an on-sale date of June 12.
    Watch for information on returnability for EVENT LEVIATHAN #2 coming soon! “

    1. Just finished reading Event Leviathon #1. The guy from the DC year of the Villains #1 25 cent comic is back but there’s another guy who I’d swear the outline/silhouette is a perfect match for Zumbado from Naomi #5 and uses power levels Zumbado’s supposed to be capable of. Event Leviathon wasn’t the best story I’ve read by a long shot but it at least has a little slow developing interest and mystery to it that makes me want to read #2.

      1. If anyone see’s Anthony today let him know he can access the downloads thru the Diamond Daily today. I still haven’t read the two Superman Year One issues but maybe later today if I get this weeks new books finished.

  5. Slow Week..
    Avengers #1 (2010) 1st Appearance of James Rogers “Son of Captain America” x 2
    Bloodstone #1
    Last Stop on The Read Line #1
    Wyrd #3 Dell Otto Cover

  6. Rewatching MCU movies lately it’s crazy how many things tie to Endgame. A couple of my favorites the magazine cover from Ironman 1 Tony wants to save the world. The best is in Spiderman Homecoming after Peter reveals he’s Spidey to Ned and they are in the gym doing sit-ups Ned asks Peter if Cap is a grumpy old grandpa.

  7. My pickups this week:

    Immortal Hulk 17A x 2
    Naomi 5 x 5
    Wonder Woman vol. 2 18 & 19 for $2 each
    Strange Tales 169 6.0 $90

  8. Hyvää päivää everyone,
    Just began my European vacation and thoroughly enjoying it so far.
    Last thing i was thinking of or expecting to find in Helsinki were key issues of American comics but I wandered into a used book shop and picked up Venom Lethal Protector #s 1-6 (vf) and miracleman (vol 2) # 1 all for 4 euros, which is about five bucks!

    1. Nice. When you started the message the National Lampoon Vacation music went off in my head. Have fun, be on the look out for hit girls in red sports cars, and keep an eye on Rusty for gods sake.

      1. Two years ago, when I went on a 16 day RV trip that hit pretty much every state West of Texas, every time we packed up the RV and set sail on the road, we started it out with the National Lampoon Vacation Holiday Road song.. it was great!

  9. Pulls for the week:

    Aquaman #48 (Cover B Joshua Middleton)
    Batman #71 (Cover A Mikel Janin)
    Batman #71 (Cover B Frank Cho)
    High Level #4
    Justice League #24 (Cover A Jorge Jimenez)
    Justice League #24 (Cover B Jerome Opena)
    Naomi #5
    Nightwing #60 (Cover B Warren Louw)
    Superman #11 (Cover B Adam Hughes)
    Teen Titans #30 (Cover B Alex Garner)
    Low #22 (Cover A Greg Tocchini)
    Giant-Man #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Woo Cheol)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 (Cover A David Marquez)
    Immortal Hulk #17 (Cover A Alex Ross)
    Old Man Quill #5 (Of 12)(Cover A John Tyler Christopher)
    Star Wars #66 (Cover A Gerald Parel)
    Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Lando Calrissian #1 (Cover A Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson)
    Star Wars Tie Fighter #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards)
    True Believers Marvel’s Greatest Creators Luke Cage Power Man Piranha #1
    War Of The Realms #4 (Of 6)(Cover A Arthur Adams & Matthew Wilson)
    War Of The Realms Spider-Man And The League Of Realms #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Ken Lashley)
    War Of The Realms Strikeforce The War Avengers #1 (Cover A Kim Jacinto)

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