21 thoughts on “Spoilers: Captain Marvel #9”

  1. #8 is the 1st Full appearance. Those that say it’s not obviously know nothing about comics. 8 panels and named in issue #8, if that’s not considered a 1st appearance then neither are 99% of books we all call 1st appearances.

    1. Well said. 8 is the first appearance, but those that missed that boat will look for another, so we gonna go to 10 next, that’s appeared in 2 issues 3 including 10 if at all, named in first, fought alongside CM, AND IN 8 panels as you rightfully said. Yep, why can’t people accept 8 is the book to have

      1. Oh! And it has a lower print run, with a 1:25 variant, also don’t miss the second print which will be first cover…

    1. Wow…that’s a bit extreme.

      Maybe they just need be provided the facts about issue #8

      No spec here though.

      I did pre-order issue 10 just to get out ahead of it.

  2. I’m getting the feeling they’re going to drag out this star thing for some time to come. They did manage to sell out Diamond though so I’m sure a Second Printing is in route no one will want unless it’s a spectacular cover.

  3. CM #8 is first app. and first full app. No denying it. There doesn’t need to be a ‘first full’ in this case. Sorry to the retailers trying to cash in.

      1. No, they e-mailed the Marvel Mailer with a long list of books I can download for free right now. Only seen two so far to point the specperts at for additional opinions. Hard to say much without spoiling it.

        1. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #29
          BLACK CAT #4
          CAPTAIN MARVEL #10
          INVISIBLE WOMAN #3
          IRONHEART #10
          LOKI #3

          I haven’t read the Age of Conan one yet but I wouldn’t know spec there if it’s top popped off in the middle of a fight. swordmaster’s not available yet but I don’t expect much of a change from the 2 small story pace of the 1st two issues. It’s not killing it like that all out brawl in CM10 and all the possible things that can come from it.

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