Spoilers: Fantastic Four #13, Ben Can’t Catch a Break

We learned last issue the Immortal Hulk is being controlled by the Puppet Master, he seems to want to ruin the honeymoon for Ben Grim and Alicia Masters. He sends the Hulk off to fight The Thing.  The problem is, in very short time, Ben will revert to human form for 7 days, so he really only has one shot at this.

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6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Fantastic Four #13, Ben Can’t Catch a Break”

  1. Epic!!! 1st win ever over the Hulk? Tragic cost for the victory. Would have loved one more page at the end to see the outcome of Hulk’s revenge.

    1. Ben can’t catch a break? Looks like the Puppet Master caught several! Poor Phil! The only remaining question: With this newest, meanest version of the Hulk, will PM be in need of a body cast or a casket?

      1. Good question. But still, Ben was knocked out during his honeymoon. His one week with out being a big orange rock man. “No time for love Doctor Jones” for Ben.

  2. Poor Ben will have a bad case of “blue/orange stones” for the next year. Alicia better be careful because she might wake up to a rock slide sometime in the near future…..

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