Spoilers: Event Leviathan #5, Who is Leviathan?

And it dawns on them that maybe Leviathan is someone who was a Manhunter.

So what do you think? Could Leviathan be Batman? (doubtful) but what about a Manhunter. What about Hank Henshaw? Superman surely knows the Cyborg Superman and he was a member of the Manhunters. Or maybe he is one of the many people who wore the Manhunter name, Dan Richards, Paul Kirk, Mark Shaw, Chase Lawler, Kirk DePaul? Make your guesses below. Looks like the big reveal will be in issue #6

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One thought on “Spoilers: Event Leviathan #5, Who is Leviathan?”

  1. I’m going with Mark shaw. We have pretty much confirmed from the previous cover that it is a manhunter. And with Kate being left alive. .

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