Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 102

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Almost recovered from NYCC 2019. The meet up was #awesomesauce. It was Spawn #300 to the death. The cosplay was off the chain. The joker movie reeked of awesomeness, and I am doing a new format for Hidden Gems. Four gems per week. I have two major projects plus the podcast. With the new format we can get more hidden gems to you all.

1. Grimm Fairy Tales #31 NYCC 2019 – sexy Thanos cost play cover. This is
a great t&a cover. Great cosplay Thanos plus these do well in the
after market $30 and up

2. Batman #321 – just go watch the Joker movie in theaters. It is a
great way to F-up your mind. Loved it. This is a classic Joker cover with Batman & Robin burning on a birthday cake. Only found one at
NYCC but everything Joker is on the up swing $10-25

3. Silk #19 – final issue of the Silk series. final issue, low print run,
great series, I have it on authority from my inside source that Cindy
Moon is going to be in enter the Spiderverse and that Enter the
Spiderverse is an animated trilogy. Cindy Moon first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1 and first appered as Silk in Amazing Spider-Man #4 2014-2015 series. Most of the issues after #1 of her solo series can be found on the super cheap $1-4 range so happy hunting and lets get more Silk cosplay. Yes Spidergwen is better in every way. testify

4. Detective Comics #854 photo cover – Ruby Rose is #awesomesauce as
Cate “Batwoman” Kane. Loved the pilot. People need to stop hating
already. This is the first appearance of Jacob Kane, Cate’s dad, and  Beth Kane, Cate’s sister, who is the big bad of the first season. Beth is
the best part of the show. This is a dollar comics verson of this issue, there is also  the regular cover,  and a 1 in 10, but I believe this photo cover with Ruby Rose on the cover is the one to chance right now. Great for s.s. with
Ruby Rose or other cast members that do conventions. Low printed only a
few thousand of them and I believe Batwoman will be on the air for at
least five years. Books like 52 #7, #9, and #11 and the pre New 52 #0 are
great books. This is my top pick for Batwoman however, $15-30

5. Bouns gem
DC Comics Spotlight #1 – first Watchmen, first Dark Knight Returns. The Watchmen HBO show is going to be amazing. I saw the first episode and I can only say pick up all Watchmen keys now, I am under a NDA and legially can’t say a word until October 21st. There is a new Frank Miller Dark Knigh series coming out hopefully less variants then Master Race but Miller Batman equals good times

Well that is it for this week. Let me know what do you think of the new

love ya all
Blind adam out

6 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 102”

  1. Preview or not DC spotlight #1has been undervalued in my opinion. Don’t forget about Amazing Heroes #97. Another early Watchman appearance and really hard to find in NM condition. Thanks again for the list, Adam. Always fun to read…and of course hunt down some of the issues you list!

  2. The $1 Photo cover for Tec 854 is not $15-$30. That’s the prices for Cover A of 854 and the 1:10 (?) variant. I sold two Tec 854s for $15 and $20 this past week 😁.

    I do like the photo cover and picked one up when it came out.

    1. I agree, “Detective #854 photo cover is the one to spec on”? The dollar comic version? Come on now yo, sounds like Blind Adam is butthurt at not having a first print.

  3. d-rog I have been getting $20 on the phot covers.wish I had a first print or the 1 in 20. been sellingthem on the streets of times square and I highlight that is the rare phot cover it goes for $10 on ebay this is the perfect s.s. for the batwoman cast and I am sure they will show up at an wizard world or a heroes fan fest sometime in 2020 love the show #testify blind adam out

    1. Adam it’s $2 on eBay and $1 on myripoffshop. Don’t be like that shill on that other spec site that shall go unnamed.

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