5 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman #82, Final Showdown”

  1. I’m somewhat surprised that with so much of he focus of this story being Bruce vs. Thomas that Flashpoint #1 (first Thomas Wayne as Batman) and Flashpoint: Batman 1-3 (origin of Thomas Wayne as Batman, Martha Wayne as Joker) haven’t seen renewed interest,

    I guess most don’t think outside of Kings story arc Thomas Wayne doesn’t have staying power.

    As far as new Batman villains go, I think he has more future conflict potential than the Batman who laughs.

  2. Thomas Wayne Batman (from alternate universe) is way more bad ass than that Grim Knight nonsense they tried to push several months back. 1st Thomas Wayne as Batman should be a way more hot book than it is. Before the herd catches on, maybe grab several high grade copies.

  3. Flashpoint-Batman/Thomas Wayne was originally written as a sympathetic figure. The tragedy in his life involved the death of Bruce and Martha’s descent into madness. I would have loved to have seen a series set in that universe continue. Azarello and Risso would have done an amazing job on that book.To flip him now into this deranged villain is kind of dumb to me and lazy on King’s part. I thought the way he handled him in the Button was actually cool. I dropped Kings run a long time ago. The only reason why I would even consider grabbing this particular issue is the Finch cover.

    I think the problem with Flashpoint Batman is that after Flashpoint was over you did not see him anymore until the Button story. There hasn’t been a consistent effort to keep him going because I don’t think he was ever meant to exist outside of that universe. Not to mention, Tom King’s Batman run is DOA and it is not popular with the fanbase. It is a really bad and inconsistent story. It is hard to believe that the dude who wrote Mr. Miracle turned out this trash.

    I think DC is going to shelve him after this story ends. If they decide to bring him back in a series based in the Flashpoint timeline, then there is some hope. The concept of him is cool but they have not done a good job keeping fans interested in him. Batman Who Laughs is a batman joker hybrid. Joker tends to sell out. Grim Knight was okay but for that character to work, you need someone like a Garth Ennis to make me care about him. Flashpoint Batman is cool but this story is not going to make him more popular. It is a bad story and I think its lame and lazy. Do we really need another Bane story in Batman? Its been done and just this whole thing. I hate it.

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