10 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #20 – We Learn More”

  1. Some are saying it’s ultimate venom but I don’t think it fits the storyline…maybe a new symbiote? Don’t forget that Sleeper started in a jar too…

    1. So did the symbiote in the Avengers Free Comic Book Day who ended up over in Savage Avengers but I don’t believe that this symbiote came through the portal in a jar..it was likely placed in the beaker! Additionally it is clearly stated by the Maker that he’s been trying to utilize a portal back to the original universe from whence he came and the Maker is Ultimate Reed Richards who came from that world. Seems pretty cut-and-dried to me.

      1. I def agree that the symbiote came from the Maker’s universe. I’m just not sold that it’s the Venom symbiote he created… I’m hoping that it’s something else, maybe a new symbiote that can create a totally new character. Being that the symbiote isn’t be from Dylan’s universe, it might be immune to his powers.

  2. the maker tells council of Reeds he intends to bond with this symbyote to allow travel back & forth to ultimate universe.
    He says this symbyote was first one in ultimate universe. Hence Ultimate Spider-Man #33 until itsstated otherwise.

    my opinion.

  3. Now I get it. Thanks. I don’t think this book will be in a lot of back issue bins as it was already one of the few books that stands out in that ultimate Spidey run. Not even sure there are any others that issue #1…maybe issue 60 people should look out for.

    I thought the ultimate universe was destroyed when miles and company came over. I missed something.

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