35 thoughts on “Spoilers: Marvel Spotlight, New Native American Werewolf by Night”

      1. I knew a guy from my childhood who’s name was Walter Wall. His friends called him Wally. Wally Wall. And no word of a lie, he was a junior. Wally Wall Jr.. And to top it all off, he had an older brother, who mom and dad decided not to give him the ridiculous name, but waited to give that name to their second son. However, the older brothers name was Paul. Paul Wall and Wally Wall Jr. The family originally was from Newfoundland 😂 (Americans probably won’t understand why being from Newfoundland is perfect for this family, but us Canucks do).

        1. An ex from a long time ago had a teacher by the name Harry Weiner.

          I kid you not. She showed me his picture in a yearbook.

    1. I think I’ll wait for the actual first appearance, which based on the interview, should be #1 or possibly Outlawed one shot.

      1. I always grab them. There is a lot of good info that could be gleaned from it. Not to mention it is free. Yes. The first real appearance is going to be in the first issue. However there has been a huge market for the first “true” appearance and first appearance in preview. So I have nothing to lose by grabbing one.

    2. Totally agree with Rick. it is irresponsible of a spec website to promote this kind of crap. What you fail to realize is that what you post here influences the market; especially the noobs. let’s help them rather than promoting catalogues as first appearances.

      1. Some treat them as first, others don’t. It’s a free preview, grab one if you see it or don’t grab one. There’s no harm done here and nothing irresponsible by making others aware of what was within the previews of what’s to come. Sigh!

      2. I agree we do have influence. However, I disagree that it is irresponsible to tell someone to grab a copy of a free book while they are at the store. I did specify it is in preview and not full first. I will say I can list 20-30 books that have heated up over the years because there was a preview in another book. It would have been irresponsible to say pay for these or try to promote the sale of the book, neither of which I did.

      3. I can see where you are coming from but the thing is these type of novelties will always be sought after (to a point) if/ when the character becomes big. There is some spec value here. Most collectors will not consider this an actual first but again, more of a novelty. There is a market for these things. There will also be a small but vocal group of collectors that will consider any form of publicly released print of the character a true first including something such as this. Regardless, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up one or two if you see it. If someone down the line it willing to pay five or ten dollars for it, well that is just free money.

        1. Forgot to mention I don’t think it is irresponsible to let collectors (new or old) know about this kind of thing. New collectors have to get their feet wet with all kinds of trends and hot new releases. It’s always good to know what is coming out so you can gauge if it is something you want for the pc or something to spec on and eventually sell.

    1. It is jcLu. It is the same as the Marvel Now Point One series that retailers were getting each month for free with the catalog.

      1. Now Upshot Now 0 on the other hand is the TRUE first appearance of all the AWA characters! 😉 . They haven’t released *one* book yet considering they’re including whole 2nd and 3rd issues in Upshot Now 3, it might be worth grabbing that ‘zero’ issue.

      2. There’s a niche market for that stuff. Not for me though. I will have my copy though, as I get previews every month. Last Wednesday each month is kinda my favourite Wednesday because of Previews.

  1. Fair enough if there are people willing to collect such things. Plus, it is free. I’m not trying to purposely negative here. I just think we as collectors and speculators should be careful of making key appearances seem somewhat frivolous by overreach. That being said it is good information none the less.

  2. GREAT!!! When are we getting a CAUCASIAN Blade, or AUSTRALIAN MS Marvel…….>WAIT WAIT! I cant wait for a BLACK Red Skull.

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