7 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #53, Proof”

  1. What a waste of an issue. 2 pages for a person to walk out of a room. 10 wonderful pages of dream sequence.
    Norman ” I am already a mass murderer and serial kidnapper. I’ve killed you, Peter. I’ve killed your girlfriend. I’ve tried to kill every woman in your life. I’ve tried to kill your Aunt and everyone of your friends. And tomorrow, I begin a plan to kill everyone on that list still alive”
    Peter “No!! I can’t kill you or even watch others kill you, or watch you die from the consequences of your own actions, OR I BECOME AS BAD AS YOU!!!!
    Attention Marvel:
    This is an unrealistic, boring theme, running through Spiderman for 50 years and needs to be ended.

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