Spoilers: Eternals #1, No-one Ever Really Dies

Eternals #1 is in stores tomorrow. Marvel shows off how the Eternals are eternal and how little death means to them, and others…..

Check out the spoilers below.

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unsee. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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3 thoughts on “Spoilers: Eternals #1, No-one Ever Really Dies”

  1. I can’t wait to read this Thanos temporarily murdered his paternal uncle Zuras his cousin Thena will definitely kick his ass lol and I hope other Eternals of Earth and Titan appear like Aurilius Demeityr Electryon Astarte Ceyote Aurelle Psykos Suyin King Daina aka the mother of Zuras and Alars aka Mentor Eros aka Starfox Kronos Cybele Khoryphos and Alars aka Mentor with his original black hair back from the dead and Mentors reunion with his brother Zuras and their mother Daina.

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