2 thoughts on “Spoilers: Fantastic Four #34 – Bride of Doom”

  1. If Dan Slott can retcon Franklins history saying he and Valeria aren’t mutants when we know they are then how about retconning Lunas history and revealing what we’ve known for a while now that she’s Johnnys daughter with Crystal who was conceived in issue 118 of F4 it’s only a matter of time plus Slott needs to get Johnny and Crystal back together again because it’s been a long time coming as for Victorious not the right match for the Torch.

  2. Doom tries to kill the FF whenever the situation presents itself. Extends an olive branch, “Hey, Come to my Wedding”. The Torch sleeps with his bride to be. It’s sad when writer’s lack of experience with life, women and sex shows through into his work.
    Would you humiliate the manhood of the most dangerous man in the solar system?
    Wouldn’t an “ADULT” say, ‘Yeah, I’d like to sleep with you, but It would be wrong and cause a lot of problems”?
    When, after 60 years, did Johnny lose his common sense, sense of morality and become a sex addict?
    Why would he have casual sex with a person whose groom would, without hesitation, nuke 1 million manhattanites to kill the FF?
    Real men, comic book writers not included, have been in situations where they have to say “NO”, even though they really really really want something.
    When did the Torch stop understanding that in Latveria, Doom has cameras everywhere, every room bugged and a set of cameras SPECIFICALLY aimed at the FF’s quarters? (A flaming man heading towards his brides bedroom was missed by Doom or his sentries?) This was such a badly written idea

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