8 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #73 Just Erased the Creepiest Plot Thread”

        1. It all goes back to Sins Past story line. The most controversial spiderman story. Spider-Man is attacked by two character dressed in all black. When he removes the mask of one it appears to be Gwen Stacey turns out it’s Sarah Stacey, the previously unknown daughter of Gwen Stacey and Norman Osborn. That’s right. Norman. So Norman had apparently been having a secret fling with the former Midtown high student before she dies and he fathered twins with her. People hated the story for one making Norman look like pedophile, and two making former good girl Gwen into a less than prestige character. This was all clone saga era story telling. It’s been canon ever since.

      1. I’ve read the Sins Past story. And the link says they’re the children of Gwen and Norman. So with that now not being true….what are they? What DNA do they come from? Harry and Gwen? That’s what I’m not clear on.

        And what is Norman in this story?

        Sorry, I haven’t picked up and ASM issue to read since 801.

        1. I have been trying to follow and honestly do not know how it is going to play out. But they no longer are the children of Gwen and Norman and seem like more clones. Norman may be a clone as well. Hoping they make everything from Clone saga on a dream and it is all righted.

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