Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call November 28th 2021 📢

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

There’s no Marvel on FOC this week but let’s not let that stop us from picking out some potential winner books, whether they’re spec worthy or read worthy! I’ll start this weeks with some Image titles…

I might not be a Spawn fan (nor am I particularly a Gunslinger Spawn fan) but as a Western fan, there’s just so much you can do when it comes to a character from the Old West. This is for the great cover with Gunslinger Spawn #3 (Cover A – Revolver).

Looks like it’s a still shot from an animation cartoon.

Gunslinger Spawn #3 (Cover A - Revolver)

I like different artwork for covers and this one is different for sure with Ice Cream Man #27 (Cover B – Benjaminsen). It makes my picks because it also makes me want to eat some ice cream with some fudge on top…

Ice Cream Man #27 (Cover B - Benjaminsen)

Probably won’t see as much love as the first volume but for fans of Stray Dogs, this next super tiny 2 issue mini-series Stray Dogs Dog Days #1 (of 2) (Cover A – Forstner & Fleecs) is a must, where they continue with the horror variant B covers as well.

Stray Dogs Dog Days #1 (of 2) (Cover B – Horror Movie Variant)
Stray Dogs Dog Days #2 (of 2) (Cover B – Horror Movie Variant) Not on FOC but figured I’d link to it ahead of time for you collectors of these horror variants which have been pretty awesome.

Stray Dogs Dog Days #1 (of 2) (Cover A - Forstner & Fleecs)

That Texas Blood #13 is on FOC and this is a series and title you should be reading if you aren’t already! It’s not an if but when this turns into a show one day, you’ll wish you got a hold of the floppy copies to stash for the quick flip potential.

That Texas Blood #13

IDW has just one book on my list and it’s Star Wars Adventures #13 (Cover B – Darmini), which is just an awesome cover of Darth Vader. Is this the first cover appearance of all these troopers and such on the same cover? That makes it key right? We should gobble these all up to one day become billionaires.. I kid, I kid. It’s an awesome cover and that’s why I’m picking one up for myself.

The Francavilla regulars are pretty cool too:
Star Wars Adventures #13 (Cover A – Francavilla)
Star Wars Adventures #13 (Cover C – 10 Copy Francavilla Variant)

Star Wars Adventures #13 (Cover B - Darmini)

I haven’t had the desire to pick up any Valiant books in what seems like the past year. Harbinger could be such a cool title and story they never seem to really nail. I do however like this cover for Harbinger #3 (Cover B – Pollina).

Has anyone started reading this volume yet? Can they recommend it? I’m a big X-O fan but the latest volume I haven’t even bothered with myself.

Harbinger #3 (Cover B - Pollina)

Radio Apocalypse #2 (Cover A – Radhakrishnan) is a new title I’m really looking forward to. I haven’t read issue #1 yet (pre-ordered from TFAW which had some warehouse woes delay shipping books).

Radio Apocalypse #2 (Cover B)

Radio Apocalypse #2 (Cover A - Radhakrishnan)

Superman Son of Kal-El #5 (2nd Ptg) gets it’s second printing. I don’t see it doing too much but maybe grab one for the long term gamble, depending on who all this plays out over time.

Superman Son of Kal-El #5 (2nd Ptg)

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