Spoilers: Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #1 – Destroyer

The members of Radio Company come together to use their old people’s powers to figure out that the numbers are a code that turn into a location and date.

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7 thoughts on “Spoilers: Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #1 – Destroyer”

  1. I will say what no one else is saying. Marvel comics are terrible nowadays. Really bad. They have earned so much cache in the culture that they are often given passes on the crappy stories they publish. An Alex Ross cover distracts you from the interiors. I am canceling every Marvel book. I am tired. Its just garbage.

    1. I feel that both Marvel and DC books have been really bad. What is selling a lot of books right now is gimmicks. I read a ton of quality indy books and that is what I like and collect.

  2. Indie books have had WAY better stories in the last 10 years than any major publisher IMO. At least Indy books have an end to the story in sight. I get frustrated when the Marvel/DC characters die, and then are brought back to life. Seriously, how many times does one want to read about Spider Man fighting Green Goblin for the 1,000th time? Or a different version of the same character. Originality for Marvel/DC is dead. Long live small publishers!

    1. People complain about series getting rebooted and refreshed and changed. For long term Marvel and DC fans, they want the same old thing over and over.

      1. There’s been studies where they go into details about how humans love repetitiveness. Lots of studies in babies too.. It’s quite interesting to think that while some might not enjoy the regurgitated stories and plots, sadly a lot of humans like it. Also we should consider that new fans come all the time, so what might be old to us is fresh to newcomers.

  3. All good points fellas. Hopefully the more that studios option Indy titles for movies and television that can help newcomers break into the small publisher market. I do like Marvel movies, but I look forward to titles like Sandman and Sweet Tooth (yes I know Vertigo was part of DC). Heck I hope more Boom! and Image titles are optioned, instead of more B-heroes like Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel. I loved Moon Knight as a teenager, but kept asking myself “Why, a whole series, why?” Just seems they are pushing diversity, instead of characters that can sustain interest. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks. I do like the Marvel Movies as well. I have liked some DC offerings but not as much. Sweet Tooth was good. I enjoyed the story and pacing.

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