Diamond Comics Advanced reorder and reorder list 4/26/13

One way to gauge how hot a comic will be is by looking at the Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list. This is where retailers can up their orders on books before the final order cut-off. This list tends to be where retailers, who were playing conservative on certain books, go all in after buzz picks up. This week’s highlights are dominated by (Injustice Gods Among Us, and Spider-Man) reprints:

1. Amazing Spider-Man #700 4th Printing Variant – People just cannot get enough of the death of Peter Parker (for now) and the great homage covers Marvel is doing on each of the subsequent reprints are sending completists scrambling for them.

2. Injustice Gods Among Us #2 3rd print – This under ordered book has been hot on the secondary market in 1st print form, and now people are trying to read what all the buzz is about.

3. Injustice Gods Among Us #3 3rd print – See Above

5. East of West #1 3rd print – Even With a 54,000 copy print run, the book sold out. With the book being so good, and positive word of mouth, this Jonathan Hickman book keeps growing. 1st prints sell for around $10 for now. I am sitting on a little stash of these. (should have done the same for ‘Saga’)

6. Superior Spider-Man #1 3rd print – see Amazing #700 above.

7. Superior Spider-Man #3 3rd print

13. Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray #2 2nd print – Awesome book, great word off mouth, selling out within a week of printing, now retailers are going back for more. Can’t wait for the prices on these to jump.

15. Regular Show #1 – See what happened with Adventure Time? Well this book got pushed back to May delivery giving retailers a chance to order more. May be hot.

18. Dream Merchant #1 – A New Image #1, on everyone’s radar for potential heat.

Over on the regular reorder chart (books Diamond still has in stock) ‘Batman and Red Robin’ #19 still leads the pack. First appearance of Carrie Kelley has been hot. Has not translated into big dollars yet, but once the stock at Diamond dries up it may.

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