Ten Grand issue 1 print run

As we reported on May 9th, the J Michael Stracznski comic ‘Ten Grand’ sold out its first issue at the distributor level in one week. With 67,218 copies printed of the first issue first print this should place the book within the top 20 issues sold for May.

The second issue, as well as the second print of number one, came out this week.

The second book in the Joe’s Comics line, ‘Sidekick’ debuts at San Diego Comic Con with a con exclusive variant and then later that month with at comic shops.

2 thoughts on “Ten Grand issue 1 print run”

  1. the part of sidekick I read was like an old style comic with too much verbage and such, maybe it was used for effect, but it did not leave me wanting to read more sidekick…..

    1. I agree that it is wordy. It is meant to mimic the silver age super hero books. Also probably the reason why artist Tom Mandrake is drawing it. Now I loved Mandrake on Grim Jack but was not a huge fan if his super hero work.

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